Zhejiang Yongsheng Instrumentation Wu Cai-yuan: Accumulation Of Independent Investigation And Improvement

tags And Win Meter Production Manager Mr. Wu Caiyuan (proper)

Hc360 HC Network Pump Industry valve market is flourishing in Zhejiang, Wenzhou valve has a massive marketplace share, Yongjia, or the famous “China valve village”, but living in Insein Zhejiang Fuyang Meter Was a meteoric rise, is grow to be Valve An crucial force in the industry, pump and valve in 2005 Pipeline Show, HC net meter valve channel interviewed Win Production Manager Mr. Wu Caiyuan, listen to him speak about the improvement of Zhejiang Yongsheng Instrumentation Story .

In 1996 when performing the valve will have higher earnings, fundamentally to make cash, but now and years ago, industry transparency is higher, even hundreds of thousands of enterprise must be through competitive bidding.

Imported valves particularly costly, the price is the solution of 7 to 10 times. We believe that equivalent technical level, but in the information, we do not excellent sufficient.

Win vigorously product quality in recent years, even in the Fuyang region of domestic manage valve, specially because the vertical handle valve series, it is a lot more sophisticated, and we are in a a lot more in Zhejiang Fuyang major position.

HC Network: Win instrument in the domestic business larger and larger, but not absolutely everyone is familiar with Win, you can merely do the company and your individual introduction about it?

Wu Cai-yuan: Zhejiang Yongsheng Instrumentation Co., Ltd. It has been nine years, and is a manufacturer of industrial automatic instruments – a professional control valve items joint-stock enterprises, the primary valve is the main instrument categories, the main control valve, widely used in chemical, electrical energy and other regions. I only started from 2003 into Insein, but this year is really sturdy two-Win. I am accountable for the production business, Property and personnel Solutions .

HC Network: Compared with domestic enterprises, Vincent instruments at the moment in what level?

Wu Cai-yuan: Win the final two years spend close interest to product top quality simply because, even in the Fuyang region of domestic handle valve, particularly considering that the vertical manage valve series, it is far more advanced, and we are in a a lot more in Zhejiang Fuyang top position. Our traps high technology, product good quality is also extremely properly behaved.

HC Network: Why did you pick to enter the manage valve in this location? Regardless of whether the high income in this area?

Wu Cai-yuan: Valve industry in the country’s development prospects are good, are Basic Machinery Class product, so no matter how society may create Automation How higher level, physique is undoubtedly needed, in terms of a single handle valve from the use of a wide range, which I chose to enter the field of mind control valve. As for income, when in 1996, so the valve will have higher profits, essentially to make funds, but now and years ago, industry transparency is higher, even hundreds of thousands of company ought to be via competitive bidding.

HC Network: Although the speedy improvement of the domestic valve market, but R &amp D investment and in foreign countries there are gaps, you consider here’s the cause?

Wu Cai-yuan: Right here are a lot of factors, personally I think that our domestic and foreign manufacturers can not examine our merchandise are largely a substitute foreign goods, the crucial valve or imported from abroad. Valve specifically pricey imported, the price is the item of 7 to 10 times. We believe that similar technical level, but in the details, we do not very good sufficient. The difference is not considerable general. So the business knows 1 point, foreign valve in accordance with the circumstances to set price, according to the weight of domestic exports of most valves. We also do a primitive accumulation and enhance spending on solution R &amp D effort to break into certain types of items. For example, our business is now the primary attack handle valve, also achieved exceptional final results, only with the market-top merchandise, future goals will not divorced from reality.