Zhejiang Sea Power led the drafting of national normal zinc coating fasteners – fasteners, standard – Hardware Sector


Led the drafting of a neighborhood enterprise breath 3 national standards, not only shook the market, and even the country has often been strict Fastener Standardization Technical Committee of professionals also amazed. “November 11, we received the National Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat Fastener Express sent by the ‘sea power’ led the drafting of the three national standard” hot dip galvanized fasteners, “” external screw thread fasteners zinc coating on the house “,” fasteners, like threaded up the thread of zinc coating, “assessment by all, and in January 1, 2009 begin.” Zhejiang Sea Power Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Jiang Hailin said. Previously, the company has repeatedly been invited to participate in the formulation of national requirements fastener business. “It really is sufficient that we have the appropriate to speak in this industry.”

Voice is also reflected in some national crucial projects, demonstration projects are designated by the “sea energy” on the building. 370 meter higher, 5710 tons heavy transmission tower in the planet? Zhoushan, Zhejiang span sea power with the fastener “Asia’s 1st cross”?? Ma On Shan, Zhejiang span the sea with the energy fasteners In addition, essential state projects such as the 3 Gorges Project, the Yellow River crossing, Wusongkou span, the Qiantang River span, span, and so forth. Oujiang and 80 thousands of volts, one million UHV project are designated “sea power” brand fastener products.

From the initial carrying Bolt Into the industry, till now the improvement of national standards and gain marketplace voice, “sea power” is 1 with higher-end innovation. However, enterprises established in the early stage of “sea energy” and other firms like is taking the “sincere and trustworthy, timely delivery, good service” enterprise way. Soon after several years of tough function can, boss Jiang Hailin located that “sea power” in the bidding often lost, but primarily due to technological innovation following the other makers to decrease expenses, enhanced competitiveness. Jianghai Lin keenly conscious that if the enterprises do not innovate, will face an aging merchandise, sales decline, the industry decline and other troubles. Response to the crisis, the only way to innovation, innovation, and further innovation, only by standing on higher ground, sea energy be competitive.

Since 2001, the company has with the Hebei University of Technology, Wuhan University, Zhejiang University and other universities Cooperation R &amp D inside the hot-dip galvanized heating, pressing Mold Laser technology in 2007 they and the National Network Beijing Electric Power Building Study Institute, for the low functionality of such products at present, unable to meet a big tower building safety, the status quo and development of “big size, high strength and foot Bolt . “The end of 2007, the organization invested more than 1000 million expansion project for the project, the project is estimated annual production of 50,000 tons. At the same time, create an atmosphere inside the organization to inspire staff to craft, innovation and R &amp D products enthusiasm and the establishment of specific funds to reward. Every single year, the price range is not less than 50 million, The company independent research and development of new items has won eight national patents.

Have the right to speak on the ownership market. For now, the “sea power” annual sales of about 40% of the national markets, which includes hot dip galvanized fasteners of high strength across the country accounted for 90% of the project, the first 3 quarters this year, sales rose 12.95%, sales revenue growth of 18.89%.

“Setting standards” to acquire energy

There is a saying “super state to sell the normal, 1st-class national sales strategies, second-rate country selling products, third-nation promoting coolie” another way of saying “1st-class company standards, companies promoting second-price technology, third-price firms to sell items.”

“Setting requirements” get the globe. In the economic globalization right now, the common of competitors is market competitors. Who is setting standards, grasps the proper to speak who mastered the normal, it means that whoever has a ticket to enter the marketplace. Meanwhile, standard-setting enterprise, to some extent will be set in this market who track. Technical capacity and technology enterprise image, market place competition might have to maintain improving, and international giants in turn can have equal “voice.”

Carrying a bolt from the 1st into the market place, to have with the Hebei University of Technology, Wuhan University, Zhejiang University, China Beijing Electric Power Building Investigation Institute Network universities, analysis institutes, cooperation and innovation, and now lead the drafting of the 3 national requirements and been reviewed by, the “sea energy” to demonstrate the development of her lovely curves.