Zhao Zhi: The Courage To Play A Higher-speed Railway Building In China “technology

tags From China’s very first non-ballasted track to create the longest time in the planet, the highest per-hour high-speed railway, he was a “pioneer” and “pioneer.” He chaired or participated in the four major research projects of Railways and the 3 national Torch Program, to kind the core of China’s high-speed railway construction technology requirements have produced outstanding contributions. He won the National Science and Technologies Progress Award for scientific investigation, he has won the “outstanding scientific and technological workers,” “Medal of the Ministry of Railways locomotive,” the honorary title, awarded by the State Council, the government subsidy. He is awarded the 2010 “national model” in the title of Chief Engineer Zhao Zhi iron eight innings. Track Building

no “pioneer” Grown from an apprentice system of railway construction specialist, Zhao Zhi caught up with the railway by leaps and bounds appreciation. September 2004, China’s 1st paragraph without having Ballast began building in Suining, China Railway Construction is the basic contractor eight innings, eight innings as the chief engineer of iron Zhao Zhi solely responsible for the organization and implementation of the project. But this report into a section of track with out technical specifications Ballastless comply with, nor construction encounter to adhere to Zhaozhi Qing Chu, “This is a challenge to China’s railway builders of the scientific and technological capabilities of the activity”, need to adhere to the use, production, studying , combining research, go Innovation The road.

End, he personally selected a massive number of organizations, scientists and technicians, and dove into the study and development. Hundreds of day and evening, his fieldwork about the clock access to a huge number of scientific and technical info, conduct field tests over and more than once again, finally breaking a series of technical troubles, first created in the domestic basic Ballastless slab, insulation slab, vibration-frame boards and double-block sleepers and other non-ballasted track merchandise, designed the initial time in laying the foundation on no track, for the first time in the span bridge Laying track, very first laying ballastless track turnout, the 1st occasions control in the absence of adopted Track resonant transmission traits of track circuit technologies, for the initial time constructed into the section of railway track and other Ballastless 1st, fill a quantity of the gaps.

Test section in the building of Suining, Zhao Zhi and his team has made no Track my significant achievements of independent innovation, has completed the “Track Suining no construction equipment and technologies for study,” ” Suining 100M Longer Length of Rail laying and building technology “,” passenger dedicated line construction equipment improvement – Double Ballastless track the development of construction equipment, “three major investigation projects of Railways, and completed a” pedestal with a extended-term new technologies and production speed Switch ballastless Sidetrack concrete sleeper “,” TBJZ double-block sleeper “,” TBJB new track panels, “three of the national Torch Plan, China’s independent intellectual house rights to develop a Track-totally free legislation Below the contribution, for the big-scale higher-speed railway building in China gives a strong technical assistance.

Higher-speed railway construction requirements “Pathfinder” and

2009 12 26, initial constructed the world’s longest distance, the maximum operating speed of the Wuhan-Guangzhou higher-speed railway operations, which includes a number of Zhao Zhi and his team of scientific study. In eight innings in the Wuhan-Guangzhou railway line take test section and I Wuhan Lot of building tasks, he was again appointed to act as project manager of Wuhan-Guangzhou. In order to throw himself completely into force broad construction, he moved to the construction web site workplace, and he is most often accompanied with high-speed railway passenger dedicated national constructing requirements, technical information, due to the fact he clearly, to full the data, the common job, we have to mature in the absorption of foreign technology, primarily based on the procedure by means of the test section test, technical exploration and summary, in practice, revision, refined into a national higher-speed railway technologies and standards.

Finish, he personally presided more than the company with the German Heitkamp, iron four colleges in the preparation of the completion of the “test section of Wuhan station construction design engineering design rules,” the company with the German consortium prepared Heitkamp “Building Technology, Wuhan Engineering Test Rules” and “Wuhan Guidelines for Building Quality Acceptance test section”