Zhang Lingui: Hualian Printing Is The “teaching And Educating” The “university”

tags Not extended ago I went to the High-Tech Improvement Zone, Beijing Hualian Yizhuang Print The headquarters, as a leader in the field of domestic printing Hualian in several ways to produce a domestic printing enterprises of the 1st: the very first fight in the street Advertisement Printing organization the very first to outsource the printing enterprise printing organization …… in Hualian to create this one particular by a brilliant behind the innovative basic manager Zhang Lingui Management Philosophy, and his teacher, who is also the institutions and the dual function of professional managers have become the key to fast development of enterprises, which helped him and Hualian in the industry, establishing a excellent management of the brand.

Production management Management concept is the prime priority of the printing enterprise development in recent years entrepreneurs have begun to progressively significance to management. But in production, employees management, many of the sensible difficulties are serious placed in front of entrepreneurs. Beijing Hualian instance of the power, Chang and all round management philosophy is in many entrepreneurs pursue careers within the sector. “We typically say that the bottleneck of human resources, production bottlenecks, for printing enterprises, the management need to also be concerned about the bottleneck, but how to locate the bottleneck is the most difficult, many companies are hunting for bottlenecks, but nevertheless can not change the status quo, or loss, This is mainly due to the fact there is no difficulty to locate the essential, which is like a city water supply method for a burst pipe which will then burst a pipe, and if that is not scientific approach detection and evaluation is unable to discover where the difficulty, so Often the problem is the most important find. “

Have in the management of revolutionary ideas, and this is overall a extremely higher value sheets, he mentioned: “The firm should re-aid, our association will be distributed to a little factory there to do business, it is open, we be clear with the client, due to the fact you may possibly win unique urgency, Beijing has no such energy, a factory in a handful of days to drive out the job, so Hualian responsible for quality management to organize, I think this idea would be accepted by much more and more consumers, and brought up a number of small organization development. “for print high quality control, Zhangzong Jiang stressed that the approach top quality management, he told reporters:” The time now is very first, that industry qualities, company should be explosive, technologies, explosive, explosive material provide, production of the explosive. print is usually in the previous, “the autopsy right after death,” this will not function now, our process management is not trouble, and after difficulty firms do not have time to remedy, and this also led to a series of alterations in corporate governance. “

Staff Management Production management and employees management is usually vital printing company good results are two essential factors, for staff management, Common Zhang also develop a precedent for the business. In the early days, several of whom joined the employees of Hualian is drawn from the various levels of background is different, Chang always believed: “Now as a person they must very first agree Hualian Hualian print culture, they good quality to meet the demands of enterprises, it merely is not adequate coaching, our training is common instruction and personalized training combined with how the training of migrant workers, migrant workers we will have unique instruction approaches, and we are presently education of migrant workers also received funding from the Government of the district, in addition we have the advanced training courses such as rotary machines. Our technologies is not only instruction and moral coaching, Hualian Developing, when clearly the two position, one young man learning technologies classroom There is also a fantastic character for young folks to understand the school, we nevertheless made up a character and the cultivation of the album. “

Emphasis on character and training of staff, which is uncommon in the printing enterprise, this may possibly be the very same as a teacher in the total Zhang. Teaching and educating, certainly counterfeit that do enterprise and it must be.

Printing company’s brand Printing companies need to establish their own brands, a lot of entrepreneurs are nevertheless pondering about this issue, Zhang and Hua Lian not only to turn out to be the initial printing organizations to advertise at the roadside, and he also proposed printing enterprise The brand is mainly to offer safety, because the print out is the customer’s merchandise, printing and processing enterprise is completed. Basic Zhang mentioned: “I feel many of our clients with Hualian Cooperation Really at ease, this self-confidence is the secret things that need to be assured of good quality assured, rest assured that the printing cycle, a lot of clients are also assured of our truthful, a lot of buyers will have a clean sign the agreement with the terms of our personal would have Independent Code, in the course of cooperation with the buyer in accordance with international practice we have not the cash privately to clients, so Hualian brand is set up by means of these regions, and trusted the integrity of the brand, so that our buyer base is very powerful to magazines as an example, we are much more than 130 sorts of magazines in 2009, the year 2010 our turnover price is only 1%. “

Enterprise close friends What company do friend with the words of Basic Zhang is very first customer, then a client a pal and, ultimately, a buddy, a buddy of anything far better to do, Zhang and a lot of of my pals are functioning now formed among close friends cooperation among enterprises and business exchanges in the final evaluation or quick remote communication, short remote only turn out to be very good friends can grow to be good partners.

For a pal of course, client inquiries must be frank in what it will give them the total answer Zhang, Zhang and mentioned: “I would like to locate my Marketing Employees to supply assistance as it may possibly with my teacher as the teacher’s identity is influential to me, a conservative I do not know what are willing to teach you that some of our managers stated, as you do know issues that we inform individuals what the benefit is there? I stated no, and I told them to do only our previous, our future is how to do is to install mind is not said. If you do not have self-confidence to other folks, let others Appear at your personal is backward. “

Ten choice

Printing business as an annual occasion, HC Network Ten held by the printing market have been named Zhang has total interest and assistance in recent sessions as the specialist judges chosen ten Zhang and enterprises from the point of printing a selected enterprise every single have created a fair and objective evaluation. The Ten choice in 2009 the printing business has provided Zhang and beneficial guidance, “you have to fight a wide variety of views of the judges, an additional hyperlink in the enterprise application ought to strictly overview the very good relations, making certain the good quality of candidate companies, and lastly elected enterprises