Zeno Thermal Acne Therapy Versus Topical Acne Remedy


In your pursuit for the ideal acne remedy, you could have come across the electronic devices such as MyZeno that zaps zits with an impulse of heat. It all sounds extremely science fiction, I agree. Even so, it does in fact have clinically proven benefits and is also endorsed by health-related pros. But, the million dollar question is how effective is this as a long term acne therapy?

When I 1st saw the MyZeno gadget it quickly reminded me of a prop out of Star Trek, and the following amusing situation came to mind.

Most of the crew of the Star Ship Enterprise has been infected by a mysterious Alien rash which Dr ‘Bones’ McCoy decided to name as acne. The supply of this infection was emanating from the planet under. An away team that had not however been infected, was immediately beamed down to the planet surface to investigate.

Mr. Spock: “Captain, my Tri-Recorder is picking up millions of tiny objects heading this way.”

Captain Kirk: “Thank you Mr. Spock. Gentleman, please put your MyZenos on stun, and be careful.”

A handful of minutes later, Commander Sulu comes running in a panic

Commander Sulu: “Captain, Captain, we can not hold them any longer, they are breaking out.”

Captain Kirk:”Thank you for the update Mr. Sulu. Mr. Spock do you consider these are intelligent life forms?”

Mr. Spock: “That is very illogical Captain.”

Then the away team hear a distant scream

Captain Kirk:: “What was that?”

Commander Sulu: “Captain, that was Ensign Roberts, he’s just been infected.”

Captain Kirk. ” Gentlemen I feel it’s time we left.”

Captain Kirk then gets out his communicator and says the immortal words: “Beam us up spotty”

I am completely conscious that suffering from acne is no laughing matter. I have never suffered from acne. But, for far more than 20 years I suffered from rosacea which is just as debilitating.

The point I’m trying to place across is, that I don’t of dispute the clinical final results or its effectiveness. Nevertheless, I don’t think this is a lengthy term resolution as it fails to treat the root trigger. Additionally, the price of utilizing MyZeno if quite high.

Expense of Remedy

Let’s the place the spotlight (sorry about the unintentional pun ) on the price.

MyZeno claims that it takes 1-2 counts(thermal pulses) to treat a single spot, pimple or zit over a 24 hour period. A cartridge that has a tip with 90 counts  fees $ 35. This signifies that each and every spot, pimple or zit will expense about $ .three to get rid of Plus of course the initial $ one hundred dollar for the electronic device.

Not only is the price extensive, but so is the time necessary to treat each person spot, pimple or zit, that MyZeno claims to be two and a half minutes:

Short Term Treatment Only

MyZeno or other electronic devices of this variety can only treat current spots. Even so, they cannot avert further outbreaks as they fail to treat the root lead to. This implies that the sufferer will be hit with constant rising acne treatment fees.

My Opinion,

MyZeno is perfect for those who need to rid get the odd pimple right here and there quite rapidly. Even so, if you want to attempt and treat mild acne with this. I advise that this is employed in conjunction with a topical remedy that aids to prevent acne outbreaks. This of course will aid to limit some of the substantial charges.