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flickr Project background Current years, network technology education and instruction of personnel has become an critical strategic activity of colleges and universities. As education and nurturing the future of higher good quality teaching staff of the Typical College, the details mixture of education and practice details to increase the level of teachers in an effective way. Information technology in schools, the network building is cutting edge, and in the network building procedure, the Network Laboratory became the top priority.

Network Laboratory of University core values of that is that it can be from personnel instruction, technological innovation and sensible field starting from the level of larger education experts to community transport and technical achievements, so that schools, students and businesses to turn out to be beneficiaries.

Demands analysis Yunnan Typical lab by way of the construction of the network, from the practical application, combined with theoretical understanding, and discover a set of education data technology professionals, effective methods. Early Yunnan Regular University has constructed a network of laboratories for the education of the sensible ability of students to play an crucial function. But with the speedy improvement of Web application technology, a single device, single application of the network laboratories have been unable to meet the current systematic, holistic network technology applications.

To adapt to the new era of information technology experts on the demands of complete instruction, sensible application of talent, the transformation of Yunnan Standard University Network Laboratory has turn out to be particularly important.

Design and style Design and style principles: Forward-looking Through the transformation of existing laboratories, to meet within the next couple of years, network applications.

Open Network laboratory technique has some compatibility to meet the standard protocol application.

Availability To meet the existing sophisticated, cutting-edge, widespread network technologies.

Investment protection The construction approach in the program to completely take into account the user’s previous investment, decrease investment in unnecessary duplication, save construction costs.

Answer: Network laboratory in the Yunnan Typical status, an application, take cutting-edge technology, Lenovo’s proposed phased construction of the network thought.

1: to raise some of the present mainstream device (considered a 5-8 year updates and technical improvement) network used to solve the structure of the main structures (such as LAN and WAN) of the teaching experiment, and in this experiment atmosphere to resolve the overall management of the network testing needs and network configuration specific test needs, and progressively into the concept of network safety testing.

2: to additional boost the network of laboratory gear, laboratory network structure of the network to have the actual allocation of teaching diversity, students can comprehend via their personal hands to modify the network structure additional deepen the overall management of the network test, strengthen Network safety management tests (the use of bandwidth management, restrictions on access to user management, etc.), and the introduction of IPV6 protocol and sensible network technologies such as higher-finish testing, teaching.

three: In addition to the sensible test on the network can practice teaching, the starting to use analysis and development to the network can be simulated in the laboratory using a large metropolitan region networks, campus networks, and network management, network optimization pilot study.

Network topology:

LAN topology