Fescalo is a full company administration application that be accessed online by means of any browser. Applications are CRM (Buyer Relation Management), Contract- and Rental Management, Ordering &amp Fulfilment and Billing.

Considering that 1999 Fescalo distinguishes itself by supplying net-primarily based software which guarantees huge flexibility: platform independence, accessible everywhere, no software installations or maintenance, easy to link with your website (e.g. placing orders, adding prospects). In addition Fescalo is internationally focused, perfect for companies with a number of branches abroad who want to use nearby regional settings, language and other conventions.

Fescalo is a totally browser based application, however gives a high top quality user interface. A lot of web primarily based software program goods offer a poor encounter for a lot of customers, specifically compared to the common desktop applications. Fescalo provides a modern specialist and intuitive interface in any net browser but with all the attributes and positive aspects of traditional standalone applications.

Fescalo facilitates in numerous enterprise processes:

1. CRM – Buyer connection Management

Management of consumers, prospects and contacts as effectively as Contact Management (actionlists and tasks assigned to individual users). Handle documents and emails to streamline correspondence. In addition the method provides an array of alternatives to support with sales campaigns and differentiation of relations into clientgroups. Every client in Fescalo is straight linked to contract management, billing and ordering.

two. Contract- and subscription management

Contract management is connected to services that call for periodical payments such as rent, lease, upkeep contracts, help and so on. Also different extra functions are included: add contract supplements, setup price policy, generation of bulk correspondence (invoices, registration letters, renewals and invoice reminders)

3. Report Management &amp Fulfilment

Ordering implies the delivery of articles. These can be manually designed of generated in bulk through Fescalo. Fescalo delivers Report Management, Warehouse Management and the fulfillment.

4. Invoice Management

Fescalo assist you to optimize you billing process: import bank statements, setup reminder settings, credit notes, handle the sales ledger, create invoices and reminders. With an comprehensive export functionality you are able to link Fescalo with other applications

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