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Lately, Yongkang Throughout the investigation, was governor of Zhejiang Province is the province Lu Zushan praised “the most steady financial block” a single. It is reported that in early 2009, Yongkang has been on the 606 organizations performed a survey in which orders this year, all full, also late production 54%, flat with final year accounted for 44.three%, down from last year and only 1.7%.

Yongkang Bureau of Statistics released the report of the semi-annual statistics also confirm this result. Exclude non-ferrous metals and other raw materials prices fell substantially influence Yongkang

Hardware 8 big business production volumes have increased about 10%, of which the quickest developing safety door market growth price of more than 18%.

Yongkang “stable” where the secret?

Reporters identified that the common, good quality and brand Yongkang hardware sector chain development of the ideal “calcium” and “nutrients.” Ongoing for ten years of high quality method Yongkang Hardware City, Jiangsu chain gluten healthful bone, in

Financial Storm to the troubles, to obtain contrarian development. “This is due to have a comprehensive Yongkang, a strong chain.” Yongkang committee secretary Xu Jianhua mentioned Yongkang hardware market, each and every sector has many leading enterprises, supporting a big number of manufacturers, there are a huge quantity of cottage industries. “From then finish of the queue top to its physique,” to type a total industrial chain.

Large improvement was driven by higher requirements

Recent years, Yongkang City attaches fantastic significance to the normal technique for hardware transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters major part, issued a series of policies to encourage and support enterprises, in certain, major businesses actively involved in national standards, business standards, and guide robust enterprises participate in international standard-setting.

This year on April 1 and May possibly 1, the business of China there have been two essential national common “anti-theft safety door general technical situations” and “technical requirements for environmental labeling items, wooden doors and steel doors” (HJ459-2009 ) started. State departments of two new standards organizations implementing requirements had been held in Yongkang held.

Secretary for Good quality Supervision Yongkang Jia-Bin Chen told reporters, Yongkang organization is drafting new requirements, and also a beneficiary. It is by means of the implementation of the two national standards, Yongkang Door Business to achieve the “quality”, “

Environmental protection “The lovely turn, turn into the city’s potential to withstand the international financial crisis one particular of the strongest pillar industries.

Yongkang Top quality Supervision Bureau for the implementation of standardized enterprise solutions approach, introduction of “targeted for, fixed cultivation, and personnel services,” we. “Directed for” is to organize research, master Yongkang organization trends major items, picking the right no national regular, line regular products catalog, grasp the opportunity to advocate Yongkang business leaders involved in common setting activities. “Designated instruction” is selected with specialist benefit and sturdy technical force, solution study and development ability of enterprise, to guide, encourage and support their participation in requirements improvement, revision. “Human service setting” is sending authorities and technical personnel requirements, to assist guide enterprises to requirements, the initial enterprise item patents into the common solution company, to additional regulate the business alliance of internal control requirements, then requirements for the enterprise, business standards for internal control up to national requirements. From 2007 to the present, Yongkang hardware market

Energy Tools

, Stainless steel mug, small appliances and other 15 industries, 30 businesses participated in 18 national standards, revision.