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China National Metals and history, in fact, a history of human civilization and social progress, from the legend of Huang Ti in Yong Kang Ding Shicheng Hill started casting to the Spring and Autumn sword, Chinese-created crossbow, Yongkang hardworking individual who set foot on a tough but brilliant hardware path. 5 thousand years of metal history, forged a nicely-known “hardware capital – Yongkang.”

The 20th century, 90 years, history has after once again favor Yongkang. Hardware bred big market, a good climb, high-tech goods, and develop a distinctive hardware functions of the planet famous city – China Science and Technologies Hardware City.

Hardware City of China (China Science and Technology Hardware City) was founded in the finish of 1992, soon after years of improvement and building, has turn into the country’s biggest hardware expert market, the State Economic and Trade Commission essential speak to wholesale markets, important markets, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province star civilization and regulate the marketplace, good quality and compliance market place, Zhejiang Province, the National Hardware Market Committee, president of the specialist unit. Up to now, China Science and Technologies Hardware City, building fund has invested 370 million yuan, covers an area of 500 mu, building location of a lot more than 31.5 million square meters, the shop stalls position 2390, the city of hardware, application package comprehensive and ideal service facilities, business and commerce, public safety, technical supervisor, electricity, water provide, taxation, finance, transport, postal services, schools, well being care, data networks and other solutions readily obtainable. The city mainly engaged in everyday-use hardware, tools, hardware, creating hardware, and mechanical and electrical items, metal components, machinery and gear, decorative supplies and so on thousands of goods and associated items, attracting much more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide and overseas businessmen to come to trade and commerce.

In recent years, China Science and Technology Hardware City, trading continued to develop, powerful sales of numerous hardware products are not negative, and out of the market passenger targeted traffic, logistics and growing the day-to-day visitors to reach the marketplace million, Japanese goods targeted traffic has far more than 1000 tons, metal goods not only well-known in China, and the steady stream sold to Southeast Asia, Central Asian nations, Europe, the United States, Russia, 30 nations and regions. According to statistics, in 2000 China Science and Technology Hardware City, to accomplish a market place turnover of 8.145 billion yuan in the first half off the market turnover of 4.457 billion yuan, an improve of 14.5%. Hardware development and prosperity of the city, in order to take off Yongkang hardware market has played a booster role in advertising nearby economic improvement, economic and social positive aspects achieved double harvest.

China Science and Technology Hardware City, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, 200 kilometers away from the provincial capital, 350 km from the international metropolis Shanghai, 200 kilometers away from Ningbo Beilun Port, 200 kilometers away from Wenzhou, Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, 330 State Road, Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Expressway runs by means of the territory.
At present, the total marketplace covers an location of 1000 acres, has constructed 450,000 square meters building area, operating far more than 4,500 stores, operating every day-use hardware, architectural hardware, tools, hardware, electrical and mechanical equipment, metal materials, decoration and developing supplies and hardware merchandise on a million species associated items, radiation throughout the country and the globe a lot more than 50 countries and regions, Japan and traders approach trading two thousand passengers, Japanese goods flow ultra 1000 tons, the market place turnover rate of 20% annual rise in 2004 turnover of more than 192 markets billion.