Yiwu Million Company Gathered Yongkang Hardware Fair Occasion To Please Foreign – Hardware Fair,

tags “Yiwu million to international company gathering, as the neighboring cities Yongkang Full use of distinctive sources, Yiwu, to accept radiation commodity markets, each export-oriented China Hardware Fair degree of upgrading, or implementation of the method of opening up are the most direct and efficient shortcut. “Yesterday afternoon, the 14th China Hardware Expo Organizing Committee held in Yiwu, foreign representatives and media appearances, Yongkang City Party Committee Secretary Xu Jianhua, mayor Lu Yuedong to active in the Yiwu market place, domestic and foreign merchants to situation a sincere invitation.

Yongkang is the nationally renowned “Hometown of entertainment sector for decades,” “hardware”, hardware, industrial output value of industrial output value accounted for far more than 90% is the biggest hardware production base and distribution center, close to a hardware firm million, employing 30 million people, the production Machinery Hardware, decoration hardware, Daily Hardware , Architectural Hardware , Tool Hardware, small appliances and so on much more than 10,000 varieties. The past two years, Yongkang Hardware headquarters around the creating region of financial and all round development of productive transformation and upgrade solutions technique, is focused on making permanent, Wu, Jin hardware cluster. Yongkang

is relying on a sturdy hardware market assistance, China Hardware Fair has been effectively held 13 sessions, more and far more foreign interest in China Hardware Fair subsequent year. In addition to the Expo last year from the United States and France, Korea and China’s Hong Kong, Taiwan far more than 30 countries and regions, common merchants, the expo organizing committee has also set up a multinational specialized exhibition center designated procurement regions, invited foreign investors, including Yiwu getting groups, such as the United States, Canada, Singapore and 100 batches of specialist buyers and the international chain procurement group participants, the Expo is becoming a lot more international.

The previous few years, Yongkang also actively implement the “go” and “married off” improvement approach, currently has 52 organizations in more than 20 nations have set up offices in the city of Superman, trimodal, CP, and so on. dozens of firms in the United States, Germany, Russia and far more than 20 countries and regions, more than 50 registered trademarks, Xingyue, Hals and other individuals have done directly to a foreign business. By “going out” and “married off” to understand the connection of enterprises with foreign sophisticated obtain of foreign well-recognized brand, the introduction of foreign sophisticated Management Experience.

Xu Jianhua mentioned that Yiwu marketplace, the City is well-identified, world-famous China little commodity marketplace. The invitation to come residence and abroad to participate in Yiwu China Hardware Expo, can be further enhanced Yongkang Hardware Exhibition Economy and outward, offering more opportunities for our clients. By then, China Hardware Expo launched commodity trading, technical trading, personnel exchanges and a series of activities, all participants who will turn out to be the gold of paradise.

This year’s 14th China Hardware Expo will be held September 26 to 28 science and technologies in the permanent wood gundy Hardware City Held. China Hardware Expo this year by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial Government help to host the China International Trade Promotion Association, China Chamber of Commerce, China Light Business Federation, China Science and Technologies Economic Association, the China Invention Association, organized specifically by the government Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province Branch of China International Trade Promotion co-host.