Yandex and Sberbank will create a “Russian Amazon”

Yandex and Sberbank will create a "Russian Amazon"

Yandex and Sberbank will create a “Russian Amazon”

“Yandex” with the support of Sberbank promises to create (no less than a little) the leading trading platform. Build it will be based on the service “Yandex.Market.” More precisely, apparently, they are already building: the launch is promised pretty soon, within a few months. But when exactly, do not say. Information in general is very small. It is not even known what will be called the fact that last summer, when the deal was only announced, they dubbed the “Russian Amazon”.

Yandex.Market says that there will be three directions for the development of the joint venture. This is an advertising platform for retail and a price comparison system (what “Yandex.Market” was originally and in what quite succeeded) is the market place (what this service began to turn into before the transaction with Sberbank) and this is cross-border trade. That is under one roof, it turns out, there will be domestic online stores, and foreign ones. And by segments or scales, too, they say, there will be no discrimination.

Again, no details. The possibility of the appearance of offline stores “Yandex.Market” does not exclude. The creation of monobrand stores inside the onland plaza – do not promise. Surprisingly, perhaps most of all the specifics with the financial side of the deal: a joint venture created on an equal footing, is estimated at astronomical 60 billion rubles.

It remains to note that this is the second news from the field of electronic commerce in Russia this week. Just a few hours before the closing of the deal, Yandex with Sberbank, the creation of its trading platform announced the social network “Classmates”, owned by Mail.Ru Group.

And now to other news. Microsoft has announced an update for Windows 10. And there will appear 2 interesting features that will be useful first of all for work.

The first one is called Focus Assist. This, perhaps, is the best that Microsoft could come up with for the fans to get distracted from work. This option works very simply: it hides all notifications from instant messengers, mail and social networks at the right time, which allows you to concentrate, for example, on a diploma.

To be fair, it’s worth mentioning that Apple has such a function: on the Mac, iPhone and iPad, you can enable Do Not Disturb. But it does not take away browser notifications, and Microsoft promises that their function will be able to block even the sound of messages from web applications, but retain notifications about working letters.

The second interesting option is the timeline. It works just like a story in a browser, that is, it shows documents that you recently opened. This is done to solve the problem of users who are sure that they worked with some document, but do not remember exactly where it lies.

And the last interesting function is dictation. Here everything is simple: you can type the text in your voice. And also manage smart home devices through the voice assistant Microsoft Cortana. But for us this point is useless: Cortana does not yet work in Russian.

The update package will be released on this Monday, April 30th. All users of Windows 10 will receive it.

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