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2003 prior to Chinese cars traveled the road to the primary public vehicle, the products are mainly applied to enterprises and institutions. 2003 ushered in the blowout of the Chinese automotive market place, the surge in vehicle ownership to the automotive supplies market, which includes automotive electronics industry has brought unprecedented possibilities for development. It also changed the status of automotive imports mostly laid to obtain neighborhood production of auto electronic goods superb predicament, all kinds of domestic auto electronics emerged, displaying the scenery blossom everywhere. 2003-2005, the domestic automotive companies have essentially completed the method from imitation to innovation, each technical level and item good quality have produced a breakthrough, which made automotive electronics for the rapid improvement in the future and lay a strong foundation, Let the world hear the Chinese automotive electronics, “a clear crisp” sound.

Vehicle alarm is particularly essential in automotive electronics item of a series of merchandise, the security vehicle for the owners added a lock to a higher extent the protection of auto thieves are not stealing. As the technology matures vehicle alarm, automobile safety increasingly higher, convenient and practical for the modern day vehicle owners auto alarm acceptance of increasingly higher, the convenience of the owner to use the car park although reducing the probability of theft. Car alarm marketplace in 2003 prior to has looked quite dull. From the heavy steel steering wheel locks to the circuit complexity of the central manage door lock, to facilitate the practical modern day auto alarm, automobile security market place come from the mechanical to electronic market place alterations and prices along with the increasing marketplace share reduce, and is broadly employed.

With the era of private vehicles, all sorts of vehicles into the Chinese industry, as the “automobile only” targeted development and production provides the chance to become the improvement of automotive supplies the major line. In 2005, the auto alarm items in China found that mature, “special car anti-theft device” in China’s auto items industry, to develop a “broad road.” From the initial “Taiwan origin” to take root in China’s inland fruition, from the passive copy to the autonomous innovation, to the national brand flourish in this land of the car alarm with a piece of Chinese territory. Auto alarm in the high-finish marketplace, “Xiong Bing E” has perked up its own sailing, dominate, whilst its “leader” – Mr. Wu Hai, is this piece of “hot spot” really like far more deeply.

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ten years, this seal, “Xiong Bing electronic” business card with Mr. Wu Hai go hand in hand, like piles of rich memories, carry his Feng real, colorful life. Two distinct “names” but have the same heavy weight, not separated, even growth firms for the years right after, “Xiong Bing electronic” and “Wu Hai” was pointed out two names will be as timely as today, gleaming bright.

Early 90s of last century is an era of financial recovery, is an industry transformation, and even has a much better vision of the future shock of energetic young folks to pursue the era. Period of time in improvement, China has a reputation of bicycles in 1992, that time had only a bike ride when the globe, Mr. Wu Hai Quedui fledgling auto marketplace has a unique preference, decided to participate in the auto market place, explore unpredictable “Blue Ocean.” Although this is his personal is inconsistent with the prevailing financial circumstances, not being aware of whom to it is the spirit of self-tempered, it is the baptism of life, success or failure than an concept.

Due to the fact Mr. Wu Hai childhood increasing up in Zhanjiang, just introduced “Xiong Bing,” we will naturally begin from right here. At that time, the face of 20 square meters of shops and hands only 30,000 venture capital, management track is not clear, the path fairly frustrated, so, in 1994, Wu Hai to decide to seek the development of Guangzhou was removed. Initial arrived in Guangzhou, he threw himself into the sea amongst these studios worked difficult, “Xiong Bing” into the Guangzhou market place, sales have steadily Fan liters a year to sell two 3000 sets. Proved and, right after the selection is correct in Guangzhou.

Time in 1989, “Xiong Bing” had entered the Chinese industry, then the entire automotive supplies business, practically all imported goods, the early automobile alarm also introduced by the China Taiwan to mainland China. By 1997, the market has undergone considerable changes in the background of economic crisis, re-shuffling of enterprises to enter the domestic and international automotive electronics, the new changes, the marketplace competition. Mr. Wu Hai, said: “In my personal Monsanto’s intention to set up factories, they China Taiwan with ‘Xiongbing’ about the concept of production in the Mainland. Due to the fact each and every time high import fees from China Taiwan, for instance we sell a thousand dollars of products, others only sell a couple of hundred dollars, too much stress of market place competitors, which undoubtedly restricted the ‘Xiong Bing’ in the Chinese market place. “