Xenophobia Hurts


Given that the onset of the existing economic crisis the United States has been producing getting a renewing function visas more tough. A method which was once quick is now a lengthy, arduous ordeal. This even so is not going to help the American economy.

Many US citizens feel outraged to be unemployed although someone from an additional country is gainfully employed. They really feel that their citizenship should give them preference that this so called interloper is stealing their possibilities. The only problem is this concept is false.
According to the Office of Scientific and Engineering Personnel around 72% of engineers in the United States are foreign born. Around 24% of doctors in the United States have been born elsewhere. These individuals are not stealing jobs they are just more certified. These statistics lead to yet another unfortunate misconception: They got the job because they perform for much less, most statistics truly show that foreign born workers earn more than their American counterparts.
It is also crucial to note that their is no correlation among a higher price of foreign born workers and a high price of unemployment is a offered business. Despite pc science and engineering have the highest quantity of foreign workers in any field the unemployment rate is only at 1.7%. Consequently the job shortage in America is not at all associated to immigrants but to other aspects.
The unemployment rate in the US is at the moment at around 9%, but most of the unemployed did not hold white collar jobs in engineering or healthcare. Most of the unemployed truly worked in manufacturing or construction. These people are not competing with extremely educated men and women from Asia and Europe for jobs, they are competing with illegal immigrants who are prepared to do jobs the Americans do not want for significantly less income.
If America as a nation wants to target a group for discrimination and hardship for the present economic state they should target the corrupt CEOs who have run their businesses into the ground. It is years of bad economic policy which has triggered economic turmoil not an influx of Asian software engineers.