Writing For Kids – Tips For Grandparents Who Want to Write Children’s Books


If you are a grandparent, chances are your darling grandchildren have inspired you to create a lot of cute little stories associated to some of the wonderful occasions you’ve had with each other. And, at some point, you are going to probably contemplate turning these stories into published books and you’ll hope to sell them to a children’s book publisher. That is a superb concept! But there are a handful of typical mistakes to keep away from if you’re a grandparent who hasn’t taken classes for children’s writers, yet you hope to publish your stories for kids. You almost certainly aren’t familiar with some of the “tricks of the trade” – the elements children’s publishers appear for in the manuscripts they have a tendency to obtain.

Here are some ideas to help you have the best possibility of locating a publisher for your stories:

1. Although your story may possibly incorporate you, the grandparent, be certain the story is told from your grandchild’s point of view.

2. Give your grandchild a dilemma right at the start of the story. But beware – do NOT have your grandchild simply ask you (or any other nicely-which means particular person in the story) what to do to solve this problem. Your grandchild requirements to figure out what to do himself and then go attempt to do it.

3. Beware of featuring also numerous adults in your story. If you – the grandparent – play a key part in the story, never consist of numerous other adults in your tale, also. Steer clear of the tendency to also have mom or dad show up in the story to supply even much more properly-which means tips to your grandchild.

Stick to these three suggestions and the delightful story you create, primarily based on your genuine live grandchildren, will have a significantly better chance of getting accepted by a standard children’s publisher and turned into a charming picture book you can proudly present to your grandchildren and also see in bookstores across the nation.