Would All Trees Be Symmetrical With no Gene Mutations?


Have you ever studied fractal mathematics? You don’t really have to study it to recognize it, and when you appear at you see its simplicity, along with its complexity. At times it looks random but it is a trick. If you will please go read Steven Wolfram’s “A New Sort of Science,” or go to one of his Mathematica web sites, then you will speedily see what I’m talking about.

If every little thing worked in a best symmetrical way, and if they have been no gene mutations then all the trees of a certain kind would usually look the identical. There would be no variation and no deviation, in essence they would be regarded as excellent for their certain species of tree. Now you may well say “I am glad I never reside in that globe!” But what if you did live in a best world?

What if you did live in a best symmetrical world? Would you then be upset with randomness or the appearance of randomness? Would chaos bother you? Each entrepreneur knows there is opportunity in chaos, and if everything is often the very same there is very little chance to get ahead. Take into account if you will the NASCAR races exactly where all the vehicles are practically the exact same, restricted to the same horsepower (plus or minus), and they all go about the track the exact same direction.

Eventually an individual hits the finish line first, but only because of a variety of problems of possibility, luck, randomness, and slight variations or deviations throughout the race. Do you see that point? If there had been no gene mutations, or errors, then each and every tree would look the exact same, you’d get very bored with it, and I’d wager to say you would not be as pleased as you are right now. As you go by means of your life encounter, or even take a stroll in the park I want you to think about this.