World’s first floating village will be built off the Tahiti coast

To our knowledge, floating cities among the sea spaces – the cherished dream of architects-futurists and science fiction writers. And these dreams begin to come true. Founded in Singapore, Blue Frontiers signed a protocol with the French Polynesian government on the intention to build by 2020 a floating village off the southern coast of the island of Tahiti.

The village will become a kind of laboratory where the technology will be “run-in” to create larger floating communities. If the experiment proves successful, it can pave the way for the construction of full-scale floating cities outside state territorial waters.

The floating settlement will be located inside a protected coral reef-island, at a distance of about 900 meters from the shore. As expected, the village will be inhabited by 200 to 300 residents. The place of their work will be 12 water platforms the size of a baseball field. They will be connected by paths and will have a total area of ??about 700 square meters. meters.

According to experts, the floating village will thrive, thanks to a combination of ecotourism and new water production – growing algae and collecting energy waves.