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tags At 9 o’clock on the March 25, “2010 Beijing Education Gear Exhibition Educational Equipment and the First Beijing Forum “in Beijing Exhibition Center was officially opened. Institute of Greater Education, Vice President and Secretary Common Zhang Jinfeng at the opening ceremony of an essential speech. The exhibition was comprehensive with Beijing and northern China in 2010 the Greater Education, Vocational Education and common education institutions Government Procurement And other procurement, tender the smooth implementation of the numerous schools of education at all levels, equipment procurement program, and to enhance college circumstances, continue to comprehensively increase the level of experimental teaching in schools and provides a good software program and hardware improvement platform. Educational Gear Fair

the existing scale of Beijing has reached the highest in history, a total of from 138 all over the country teaching gear production and sales of exhibiting businesses, the establishment of standards and decorated to nearly 300, associated to larger education, Vocational Education And basic educational equipment and other fields, enterprises showcase the most recent products and technological achievements, for school customers to give a selection of teaching and investigation Solutions To market the education and equipment modernization. Broadcom co-Beijing Details Technologies Co., Ltd. Hang carry AVerTV C727 HD capture card main solution exhibitors.

Wisdom of the globe Wisdom the globe is first in the country specializing in education theory analysis, product improvement and education solutions of specialized enterprises. Adhering to the wisdom of the globe “service the future of China” idea, the foresight to grasp the pulse of the development of top quality education education based on rigorous scientific analysis to guide the young people of distinct ages participate in different qualities of their age, the laws of perception science and technologies activities, to explore methods to master science and technologies and capabilities.

Wisdom developed globe in education merchandise, as curricular, extracurricular, household education activities in an intelligent variety, operable practice platform and its open-minded nature of mixture of parts, parts GM , rates and other financial traits of the community have been broadly praised. Intellectual planet of science and technology education to provide solutions, such as curriculum requirements, Teaching material , Curriculum sources, teacher coaching and evaluation technique. The plan is based on “constructivism”, “discovery doctrine”, “a number of intelligence education” and other advanced educational theory, the new simple education curriculum reform of basic concepts and curriculum standards as a guide, concentrate on hands-on integration with the mental and physical, by way of the hands operation, expertise the circumstance, experience, instruction young folks in practical potential and creative spirit, so that young folks are comprehensive and highly personalized education solutions, to advantage from life.

Wisdom the world has a universal mixture of the domestic 1st-class digital technologies and intelligent data-mode technology, to create China’s science and technologies education to meet the demands of a selection of goods for Chinese science and technology education to provide much more worthwhile solutions and convergence order of the product system . Meanwhile, the organization and numerous universities conducted extensive Cooperation , Is the very first national science and technologies education and the most authoritative research?? Nanjing Regular University education item development, joint-ventures. In addition, the company with Tsinghua University, Nanjing University and other popular universities jointly established the art technologies lab.

Wisdom the globe adhering to the “advance with the instances” spirit, into the “pursuit of excellence, excellence” business sense to strive for the “China Youth Science and Technologies education industry 1st brand” as the goal in the arm Produce the most skilled enterprise in education, to science and technologies education for Chinese youth to contribute.