Winter 2008/2009 Fashion Trend Silk Fabric

tags View of the future science and technology neutral gloss modernist sense of easy geometric mean of the colour combination with experiments to moderate light, cold tone neutral colour contrast between the present weak, silver, white and purple mist like to develop a full unknown illusory space … … fabric emphasized practicality, look and function combination. TENCEL, ultra-fine fibers, synthetic fibers, elastic fiber and other new applications, emphasizing the silk fabric of a sense of comfort and style. Sophisticated shoppers in the wearing layer fabric obtained in the course of double enjoyment. Crisp satin just proper to develop a tough-neutral profile shape. Alter shiny, metal wire, paper, and feel changes in the geometric patterns combined, convey a futuristic and post-modernist spirit of exploration. Following the adoption of the conventional silk fabric finishing method to give new functionality, expanded fabric applications.

Winding dream national style retro 40s fashion a wealthy, intense colour, ripe warm reddish brown, coffee, olive, mixed with the wealthy flavor of the blue-violet, Rose blend of the lovely music of collisions. Heavy clothes fabric offers excellent drape and soft feel, effortless to shape the contours of fullness. Brushed bring in large warm touch. Traditional tapestry patterns, patterns through re-interpretation of national style with a soft luster, complete of fashionable. Abstract flocking flowers, classical dot mix and match multiple patterns to bring a wealthy visual encounter. Check used classic wool silk fabric, with the proper colour is refreshing. Pigment printing and digital printing technologies developed to expand the pattern space. Tie-dye therapy, gradient or colour to create an illusory impact of the realm of nightmare.

Night wizard dress sparkling sheen luxury dramatic glamorous evening from the city gorgeous colors, trendy gold, violet, Alaska blue, dotted green gem in the cold dark tone in the release of a mysterious charm. Sense of focus on internal good quality fabrics and emphasis on visual decorative effect. Silk woven shiny fabric with a gentle solemn liturgical sense. Eye-catching filigree, decorative beads, diamond and hot stamping (silver) gives the ultimate in China and the United States deal with feelings. Dazzling neon-like stripe patterns, dramatic color contrast to bring a wealth of visual influence. This subject, black, purple and red and other colors will be a grand celebration of satin, chiffon, taffeta, and so on., or emphasize a variety of gloss or matt material combination. Flower bottle pregnant

Romantic and poetic elegance of organic old style of a young girl hangs in the balance between reality and dream, the color group, the accurate colors and as fresh as fuzzy bleached chalk memories with colour, sweet pale pink fragrance exudes quiet. The functionality of the natural texture of fabric is the essential. By the ratio of raw components, alter and organization design and style twist implies of giving fine crepe fabric surface look. Flowers and dots crushing soft patterns, soft sand washing remedy to bring color gradient and a light taste of nostalgia. Romantic chiffon printing, making a gleaming openwork jacquard hazy beauty, with printing, decals richer combination of visual effects. Brilliant color satin and delicate knitwear for the winter added a touch of vivid colors and angry.