Will Easytone Trainers Improve Kelly Brook’s Butt?

tags It’s official, Kelly Brook is the face of Reebok’s EasyTone Trainers. But, what does this imply for Kelly? We’re guessing that firstly she’ll have to resist the impulse to enter any pie-consuming competitions for the duration of her contract (despite the fact that some furious munching would come as a welcome light distraction from the intensity of her recent foray into strategy acting).

She is also going to have to avoid any Paris Hilton style “That is not my handbag” fiascos, but to our knowledge Kelly is a excellent girl who wouldn’t do something so silly.

Will she need to be noticed in public wearing her toning footwear? Would a glimpse of Kelly wearing EasyTones on the red carpet be what Reebok is actually after? If she spawned copycat trainer wearing at awards ceremonies then Reebok will have had far more than their money’s worth.

The only dilemma is that as Kelly would know, it’s a bit of a dilemma – to sport the shoes in public is to admit that you are not one hundred% pleased with your butt. If the trainers were a ‘male’ product, would the very same inquiries apply? Reebok could have asked Brad Pitt, or for a lesser fee probably Ben Affleck to advertise EasyTones. I’m guessing that Brad is both also high-priced, and also a bit discerning, but on the other hand, Ben fits the bill. But, would his butt be good sufficient? And here one more dilemma arises, do you have to have a great butt to start with to promote butt enhancing trainers. At the moment EasyTone trainers are a female item, but if the male version is released would Brad Pitt’s Butt be worth the added money for an marketing fee over Ben Affleck’s? ( I know who I’d place my cash on).

Which brings us to the question of ‘Can Kelly Brook’s butt be enhanced?’ This is a extremely subjective location, as the adverts prior to Kelly’s involvement have focused on extremely properly toned ‘small butt’. Here is an implication that ‘small is good’, which could be a bit of a judgment call on behalf of Reebok’s marketing and advertising group.

Or, are they merely adhering to the culturally specific concepts of what a very good butt ought to be? Take yourself to one more country, ask the locals what a excellent butt appears like and you may be confronted with a whole diverse notion.

A well toned but slightly bigger butt may be a bit of a draw in cultures outside of the U.S. hegemonic model, and it remains to be seen whether or not the marketing and advertising of EasyTones will take this into consideration in geo-targetted campaigns outside of the U.S. and Europe.

But, aside from cultural issues, the phenomenon of celebrity endorsement should surely be referred to as into question. (Without going a step further and delving into the problem of celebrity obsession itself – which is a mire of the socio-psycho collective consciousness).

Do we genuinely believe in celebrity endorsement, or do we actually want proof of a products’ s value. Are we really so vacuous as a species as to believe that if we purchase celebrity endorsed merchandise the celebrity’s hugely polished smile will be sufficient of a guarantee of the product’s claim, which in this case is the (achievement) of a excellent butt.

But, what is the option? Science and investigation? You would think that the font of understanding lies within scientific study. Hmmm. Current investigation by ‘scientists’ has apparently ‘shown’ that workout does not assist you lose weight. This runs contrary to the scientific thought of at least the previous thirty years, which has sent millions to the gym three instances a week in a effort to lessen weight. With out delving too much into suggestions of information and epistemology, it wasn’t as well lengthy ago that the planet was thought to be flat. What next? Smoking is found to have useful health effects? So, who do we think, Kelly or the scientists?

In the end it is only Kelly who will know if her butt has improved. Image altering technology indicates that we in no way see the truth in magazines anyway. And Tv adds a couple of pounds so we can discount it as a weight loss or toning litmus test.
So, at this point we will just have to want Kelly the ideal, we know that she most likely doesn’t want EasyTones, but, as lengthy as they do not somehow stroll her into the nearest quickly food joint on a normal basis, we are probably going to at the quite least envision that her butt has enhanced.