Why Resistance to Change?


Why Resistance to Change is Painful


We are not philosophers but like you – extremely practical folks. Half our job is

holding workshops for executives at main corporations to train them in two-

days to 3x their understanding expertise and 2x their extended-term memory.


What that signifies is these up-and-coming divisional VPs and heads of departments

can study-and-don’t forget three (3) books, articles and reports in the time their peers

can hardly finish 1. Are these new capabilities useful for soon-to-be corporate

leading guns?


Organizations look to believe so – they pay up to $ 15,000 for the SpeedLearning reside

instruction classes, and give up their executive solutions for two-complete days.




The thirty executives sitting in front of us hatebeing there. They would rather be

back at their desks operating on their own projects. Yes, they volunteered for the

workshop, with its two-days off from regular perform, but it was due to the fact they have been

told by Human Resources it would enhance their chance for promotion.


Oh yeah, the firm CEO sponsors our studying system and is following

their progress. They have very good reasons to want to shine, right? So why have been the 30

workshop attendees acting like noisy, twitchy youngsters in higher college?


They wanted the planet to know they did not want to be in class and were not going

to discover this new, stupid stuff.




Ahead of we could teach these folks how to tripling their studying abilities and double

their memory, we had to overcome their common executive resistance to modify.


5 Causes We All Hate Adjust


1. We all think the cliché` – “Never repair what aint broken!” If the

participants have been not rapid learners with great memories they would never ever have gotten this far in their careers, right?

For that reason – “don’t try to fix (adjust) me.”


2. We all think the whopper – “Past encounter is a guarantee

of future final results.”


Even although the U.S. Federal Trade Commission calls for all brokers and choice specialists to place a disclaimer on their reports – “Previous Knowledge is NOT a guarantee of future results” – intelligent, profitable people still believe it to be a truth.


No? Why do sports franchises spend millions to veterans and not

rookies? How about hiring a new CEO – do we go to Harvard

Enterprise College or want a attempted-and-accurate winner who has established his mettle?


When you need to have a surgeon – do you want a new med college grad or a guy who did a thousand of your operations?


three. We respect Science and it is a principle of scientific understanding – “repetition is the mother of studying”. We get hardwired by means of repetition and build ‘neural networks’ (circuitry) in our brains.


4. We might not be able to find it anatomically, but we know

when other people try to invade our comfort-zone. Never we all

get defensive and resistant about what feels wrong?


5. In the past we (the class) have been rewarded consistently by

schools with higher-grades and diplomas, and in our profession by

promotions, cash and bonuses, for our understanding capabilities and

memory? The scientific word is “reinforcement”.


What Operates


So you see, before we can teach them anything new, we have to allay their fears about

modify. Secret: only 20% of Homo sapiens do NOT fear and resist change – but 100% percent of us resist getting changed by other individuals. Why? Parents-Teachers-Considerable-Other individuals-and Profession-Mentors like to push about our fragile egos. We react with a large sign reading, “Don’t tread on me!”

We are willing to change (boost) only when what we Value is threatened.

Huh? If you intimate we are incompetent and can not discover new stuff – you are calling us stupid. That’s a threat to our tough-won identity. We stop resisting.


If you are a females executive and are told: “scientifically, girls have much more cognitive abilities than guys, and understand more quickly,” you could choose to find out to prove them appropriate.


What if you hear that only folks with ‘high IQs’ can learn SpeedLearning 101? Your reputation for becoming swift-witted and in the zone is on the line we start studying.


Exactly where is Alter Happening


Humans feel and act the way we do since we have been conditioned, programmed and reinforced by our parents (“say Please and Thank You!”),

teachers (“stand up to speak”) and relationships (“assist with the infant, and wash the dishes”). Wait – it aint over. We are conditioned everyday by Television, Newspapers, Web,

and in our careers, by management and our peers. Does it perform? It shapes all our behaviors.


a) Initial, adjust have to take place in our left and correct-brains (hemispheres). Both halves function collectively and have to cooperate for modify (habits) to turn into permanent. Examples: losing 10 pounds, extinguish the smoking habit, and becoming a lifelong-learner.


b) Second, alter must take place in our reasoning (Broca’s and Wernicke’s Areas of brain), and in our Emotions: amygdala, hippocampus and hypothalamus. New behaviors and selection-making are items of our

pondering and feeling. We require approaches to arousing our focus.


c) Third, alter have to occur in both consciousness (consideration and awareness) and nonconsciousness (subliminal perception and auto-pilot) areas of the brain. Nonconsciousness contains Immune-Nervous-Limbic (feelings) systems, brain stem, basal ganglia, and thalamus &amp hypothalamus.


consciousness: parietal and frontal lobes and PFC Prefrontal Cortex.


Example: alter is viewed as a threat by our brain. Our Sympathetic

Nervous System consists of our potent Fight-or-Flight response. It we are

threatened by a snake or have to change our habitual ways of

reading, our thoughts and physique reacts as if our quite survival is at stake.


We have a mental scale to evaluate the level of threat (danger). Humans

can override worry-of-change and our resistance to it, but it needs self-

analysis and adding up the advantages and negatives of creating modify.


Endwords: resistance to modify stops us from implementing new constructive behaviors

and inventive decision-producing. When we turn into aware of our nonconscious

defensiveness, we can start off to do one thing to remedy this false-optimistic reaction.

Start now.


See ya,


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