Why Red Lights on Xbox 360 Consoles Could NOT Be a Hardware Dilemma


So, you have just unlocked Sgt Johnson in Halo 3: ODST on your xbox 360 and suddenly you hear static noise, and the screen goes all funny. The graphics appear all distorted and your beloved gaming machine has frozen. The controllers are unresponsive.

It’s does occur from time to time, most consoles do it each and every now and then. So you do what you have usually done in the past. You flick the energy switch off at the wall and then power back on. Your console begins up, but now alarmingly there are flashing red lights on the front console, and the screen is blank.

Sound familiar?

Ouch! The red lights on xbox 360 consoles is a status code it uses to indicate there is a issue of some sort with the console. I can inform you it is occurred to me much more than when, and rates higher on the list of my all time annoying circumstances! What can be accomplished if you’re in this circumstance?

Well firstly, the number of flashing lights is significant. The actual quantity of flashing lights is essential when trying to figure out what went wrong.

3 flashing red lights is generally an indication of there becoming a hardware issue in your xbox, and it is typically (but not constantly) associated to overheating problems inside the machine.

You see virtually all modern consoles (the strong ones anyway, sorry wii owners) run hot, since they are so effective. All that power comes at a expense, and apart from electricity and noise, a lot of heat is generated by this machine.

It appears that Microsoft reduce some corners and lowered the size of the heat-sink on the cpu to accommodate the DVD drive). And several would argue that the fan is not effective to suck out all the heat.

As a result in some 360’s over time the heat sink might move, or the silicon gel not do it is job appropriately and you get a freeze at initial, but then the red light troubles start.

The X-Clamp was Microsoft’s answer to the issue, but in a lot of cases this demands to be re-fitted with new screws and washers and a basic clean up needs to take place inside the unit to get it working.

It really is really surprisingly effortless to repair if you are handy with a screwdriver (or really even if you are not!), and the DIY resolution is excellent for those of us who have an out of warranty box and don’t want to shell out $ 140 and wait six weeks for a Microsoft repair.

There are a bundle of on the internet guides showing how to do it yourself, but make certain you understand what the issue is with your game console just before beginning. Several of the free videos out there frequently conflicting advice.

One particular tip I can pass on is to inform you not to use the “towel trick” to repair a dead machine. The goal of this “trick” is to overheat the machine in order to “reset it”. So this is typically only useful if you have currently fixed the difficulty, and need to have to “reset” your console so the repair requires impact. Utilizing the towel trick below any other circumstance, can really compound the problem, so be careful.

Also you ought to note that not all red lights on Xbox 360game consoles issues indicate hardware issues. Some indicate that a cable is not plugged in correctly (for example).

So make confident you know what the error is prior to attempting to repair it! It pays to be careful ahead of blindly following someone’s tips when fixing your Xbox. Take the time to discover a trustworthy source, and you will be up and gaming once more in no time flat!

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