Why can not gnaw nails: bad habit led to sepsis

Why can not gnaw nails: bad habit led to sepsis

Why can not gnaw nails: bad habit led to sepsis

Parents since childhood have been saying that you should not nail your nails, scaring worms and intestinal infections. Many, however, are unable to cope with this habit in adulthood. Among them was a 28-year-old Briton Luke Hanoman (Luke Hanoman), who because of a bad habit almost lost his life.

Along with a fragment of the nail plate, Luke bit off a small piece of skin. He did not attach any importance to this, but soon felt influenza-like symptoms – he had fever, felt chills and weakness.

Luke decided to lie on the weekend and not take a sick leave. Meanwhile, his finger was swollen and the man began to feel a throbbing pain in him. Luke’s close friends were worried about his condition – weakness increased and by Friday the young man could not wake up on time, get out of bed and go to work. It became clear that the situation was serious, the man was quickly taken to the hospital.

Doctors came to the conclusion that Luke got an infection, which led to the development of sepsis and septic shock. If a man did not turn to doctors, he might die. He was prescribed antibiotic therapy, which fortunately proved to be effective.

“The doctors and nurses were wonderful,” Luke says. “They did not tell me how hard it was to not worry me.” When I got better, they told me that I was just lucky, because I managed to survive. “

The case of Hanoman is really very rare. However, the infection can enter the body in a variety of ways, not only with skin injuries caused by nibbling of the nails.

Every year, sepsis develops in 30 million people around the world, and 6 million patients can not be saved. In the high-risk group, older people and young children, but the case with Luke suggests that sepsis can develop in a person of any age.

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