Who Will Be the Next US President?


Recently throughout media interviews I’m being asked this query far more and more – “So who is going to be our subsequent President?” With only three viable candidates remaining, I have the answer.

Making use of the ancient science of numerology I will show you which candidate has the name and numbers to grow to be President in November.

McCain, Clinton and Obama are now the frontrunners – make that co-frontrunners for Hillary and Barack.

I’ve been saying all along that neither Mitt Romney nor Rudy Guiliani had the existing numbers to turn into Republican Candidate for President. Each are in a 7 Individual Year in 2008 – 1 of the least probably numbers to assure a win, specifically in a tight race.

That leaves McCain on the Republican side. Given that his Life Objective Number and Day of Birth are each Master Number 11s and his Individual Year in 2008 is also an 11, he has a lot of energy going into November’s election. Anytime your private year matches 1 of the crucial numbers in your blueprint – appear out. You’ll be expanding a lot more rapidly and accomplishing more than at any other time in your 9-year cycle.

Additionally, come November, McCain’s Individual Month will match his Destiny quantity. In truth, given that February and November outcome in the very same present month vibrations, it really is no coincidence that McCain is cemented his frontrunner status on Super Tuesday.

As for Hillary, she – and Bill for that matter – started a entire new 9-month cycle this year. Her Personal Year is an superb 1 – but, it does not match ANY of her crucial personal numbers. Now, if she had remained unchallenged, she’d have a possibility. But both candidates running against her proper now, McCain and Obama, HAVE those private numbers activated in 2008.

By the way, so did George W. Bush in 2000.

As a side-note, Mike Huckabee has a fantastic Private Year as effectively, but the number does not line up with any of the critical numbers in his blueprint either.

But there’s 1 other critical ingredient Hillary Clinton has going against her. Her current name does not add up to a fortunate vibration. Whether or not it really is Hillary Clinton or Hillary Rodham Clinton, her name will always present her with obstacles. In a minute I will inform you a secret about McCain and Obama’s names.

You know, it is funny. I heard conservative Ann Coulter talk about a McCain vs. Clinton race this morning. Hmm.

I never see that taking place. The race will be among Obama and McCain.

Let’s appear at the Barack Obama phenomenon. He’s the only candidate who has ignited the sort of grassroots help other candidates can only dream of. How did his campaign he take off like wildfire in 2008?

Very first, you have most likely guessed by now – his Individual Year lines up beautifully with the important numbers in his blueprint. There are two large pluses he has going for him. Just like McCain, Obama is in a really effective Master Number Year in 2008 which matches his day of birth and it is in excellent harmony with his Life Goal Master Quantity.

To put it in a nutshell he has the 2-4-8 trilogy activated this year in a Master vibration way.

This is the point I want to speak about Barack’s and John’s names. Each of them add up to the Immortality quantity. This means, both will be remembered after they pass away. Contrast that to Hillary’s name, which is causing setbacks for her.

Also, just like McCain, Obama has a wonderful quantity this month, which lines up the identical way in November – nine months from now.

So I predict we’re hunting at a McCain-Obama race.

And the new President of the United States will be –

Barack Obama.

Yes. The junior senator from Illinois. Why? Well that’s a Pythagorean Numerology secret.