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tags Edison invented the incandescent lamp, the human fire from getting into the electric lighting to replace the “Edison of the occasions.” But in the 21st century, individuals are trying and incandescent bye.
July 1 this year, is in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, LED solution testing Star Co., Ltd. Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology Law Close friends of the Senior Engineer told “market Guide” journalist because 2007, North America, Australia, have legislation prohibiting the use of incandescent lamps. Spring 2007 EU Summit agreed to demand the EU to phase out incandescent light, place on earth fluorescent lamps. Can be mentioned that the global phase-out incandescent, market the use of rare-earth power-saving fluorescent lamps. 2007 was a landmark identified as the “rare earth green light years.”
This means that human society began to bid farewell to “Edison era.”
“Farewell,” based on a vital fact: the worldwide power crisis. The LED?? Birth of light-emitting diodes “farewell” to offer the basis for: LED is a semiconductor chip utilizing solid materials as a new sort of LED energy efficient lighting, LED’s birth is called following the fire, light bulbs right after the very first human 3 revolutions.
When will China be capable to bid farewell to the “Edison of the occasions?”
Zhejiang comprehensive technical power monitoring Corps Director, Senior Engineer, stated Yun-Peng Wang, LED in China is getting extended to the urban landscape, commercial huge-screen, site visitors lights, mobile phones and pc locations, street lights, advertising lights, higher energy LED lighting is also to promote in.
Pals Luo mentioned that China is an energy-saving lamps generating country, it is to apply a tiny country. Though Zhejiang is the world’s biggest production base of power-saving lamps, yield about 50% of the planet, but the Zhejiang exported 95% of power-saving lamps. LED as more sophisticated than the energy-saving lamp lighting, basically sell their items abroad.
Xuewen Yan, general manager of satellite accounts for our calculations document: a 250-watt sodium lamp light source component as extended as 220 yuan, the annual electrical energy consumption to 1577 degrees, calculated by traditional utility electrical energy price, electrical energy, 946 yuan a corresponding LED street lamp street lamp Some light sources will have to 1,700 yuan, the annual electrical energy consumption was only 525 degrees, electrical energy only 315 yuan, an annual saving electricity 631 yuan sodium 9 months -12 months to be changed as soon as, LED for three-five years . Press 2 for a period of years, the total price of 2332 yuan of standard light sources LED lamps 2330 yuan, two years to recover costs, the general investment will not be also expensive, power-saving environmental protection, have apparent advantages.
Buddies Luo said that China is the world’s first production electric lighting, the second biggest exporter. 2003 establishment of the National Top Group for LED lighting project coordination, officially launched the national LED lighting project. But the reality is not extremely optimistic about China’s economically created places of the city of about 70% of customers to enable energy-saving lamps, 80% in rural and underdeveloped areas are nonetheless employing incandescent lamps, LED also just began.
He believes that, LED study and development and promotion of nevertheless years away. Ministry of Finance, introduced in 2008, “monetary subsidies to market effective lighting merchandise Interim Measures on Management of funds” has the semiconductor (LED) lighting goods to incorporate, but LED lighting is nevertheless no extensive national standards.
Chinese bid farewell to “Edison era” extended way to go, there is still a lengthy way to go.