What’s Required When Talent and Education Are not Enough?


In 1974, I attended a beauty college for the very first time. I had a dream, a dream of setting the Beauty Market on fire. I dreamed of succeeding and becoming a sought soon after Artist.

I attended every single Hair Show, I could afford. I enrolled in business class hoping to learn one thing new. But, in most circumstances the shows and classes were nothing a lot more than solution pushing productions. Guess what, my dream of becoming a known Artist wasn’t happening, because I wasn’t equipped or ready.

Following years of struggling, I decided to invest in my own salon. I believed, I could handle my destiny and advance in the way, I had dreamed. Once more, I wasn’t equipped or ready.

Even though a salon owner, I discovered I didn’t get pleasure from functioning with hair and preferred the art of Makeup. So I acquired advanced instruction to become a professional Makeup Artist.

After years of attempting I gave up my dream and turned away from the industry. I had a family members to feed and knew I wasn’t going to do it by applying Makeup.

For the past fifteen years I’ve been functioning in an industries I had by no means considered, Media, Advertising, and Public Relations. In my new identified profession I’ve held positions as Director of International and Hispanic-Advertising and marketing and Executive Director for prominent organizations. I’ve grow to be an expert in marketing to Hispanics and am traveling about the country speaking on the topic.

Even though, I am an professional in an location that offers me much pleasure, I never ever genuinely gave up my dream of becoming a known Artist. In 2002, I returned to and graduated from beauty school. I obtained a license in Aesthetics from the Arizona Board of Cosmetology and the following year from the Nevada Board of Cosmetology.

So what have I discovered? I’ve discovered that completing Beauty School and acquiring a license is not sufficient. I’ve also discovered the secret to succeeding in any market. Credit to my gained expertise in Media, Advertising, and Public Relations, I’ve been in a position to refine the art of “Self Promotion,” the missing piece to accomplishment. With Self-Promotion I’ve been capable to do Makeup for tv and print. With Self-Promotion I’ve had my own Tv-Speak Show, Radio Talk-Show on ESPN and International Sports Commentator on Fox Sports.

Dreams of functioning in the Beauty Sector can come accurate with a dedication to the profession, continued education, and maintaining in touch with new trends and goods. But equally if not a lot more important, is a commitment to Self-Promotion. Self-Promotion is what it requires to construct and grow a clientele. And NO, it does not price buckets of cash.

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