What Would Your Top three Sci Fi Films Be?


There have been numerous science fiction motion pictures created over the last 40 years or so. Even so it was the collaboration amongst Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick to generate 2001 A Space Odyssey, which really brought the notion of travelling in space to life for moviegoers in the late 60’s.  It can be tough to choose just three films when asked to choose your favourite sci fi films but I have attempted.

1.Blade Runner
This film is based on a brief story by Arthur C Clarke and is set in the year 2019, it is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Harrison Ford.  The film was released in 1982 but today when it rains a lot of of the largest cities about the globe have the very same feel to them as in the film.  In Occasions Square New York there are video billboards whilst in Tokyo as in the movie the visitors moves at a crawl and no pavements can be observed simply because of the men and women walking on them.  As you appear at these areas for true you can see them also appearing in this movie.

2.The Operating Man
This film was released in 1987 and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is set in the year 2019, which does not appear so extended away now of course. People are chased down and killed for the entertainment of the masses. Like with so numerous sci fi films you can in fact see how we could go down this path, just appear at the quantity of reality shows on Television already and every a single is attempting to be much more shocking than the next one particular.

three.Logans Run
If the planet can no longer sustain all the men and women in it, what do you do, easy you kill off everybody over 30. That is the simple story line of this film from 1976 film and set in the 23rd century.  As the world gets more and more congested maybe we will see men and women talking about some variation of this idea. Even though it might have seemed futuristic for 1976, these days it seems almost believable.