What to order on a first date to please a woman? Respond scientists

What to order on a first date to please a woman? Respond scientists

What to order on a first date to please a woman? Respond scientists

Speaking about the ideal date, psychologists agree that the most important thing in this matter is that two people really like each other. Then, experts are sure, even if everything absolutely goes wrong as planned, you will have the warmest, if slightly confused, memories. But is it possible to improve the chances of success on the first date – that’s the question.

We have already told how the scientists advise to behave on the first date to guarantee the second. And now let’s talk about the choice of which dishes, if you meet in a cafe or restaurant, according to their modest research opinion, increases the romantic interest of a woman and, as a consequence, the chances of a man to succeed.

Despite the fact that curry, soup fo with spicy sauce or gazpacho – not the most obvious dishes for the first date, scientists argue that it is on them to bet. According to a study conducted at the State University of St. Cloud State (St. Cloud State University), women who prefer spicy food, consider the surrounding men more attractive. And they, researchers assume, are more inclined to continue communication with new acquaintances in a romantic or sexual context.

A deeper analysis of the data made it possible to say that, perhaps, this is because acute food is often described by people as “hot” and “scorching.” The same descriptions, firmly entrenched in the brain in conjunction with food, we often use in attempts to characterize a sexual person. The lead author of the study, Jenni Miska, adds that in this case “incognito” can be the embodied knowledge – a theory that suggests that sensations (the physical body) are firmly connected with thoughts (mind).

“We managed to find out that spicy and spicy food enhances a woman’s romantic interest, as well as her subjective physical fitness rating,” the researchers write in Psi Chi. – Thus, the results support the assumption that sensory experience (in this case – taste), can affect the cognitive process, the features of perception and self-presentation. “

The study, according to the Daily Mail, was attended by 87 women who were offered sweet (biscuits), spicy (jalapeno chips) or “medium” (chips with salt and dill) snacks. After that, they were asked to assess the faces of casual men on the street on an appeal scale of 1 to 9. As a result, those of the participants who ate spicy food rated men on average at 4.46 points, which was 21% higher than in the “sweet »To the group.

If we compare lovers of ostrenkogo with two other groups, then in general they were 28% more romantically interested.

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