What To Do When You Have No Website Site visitors


Last year, I was approached by a work-at-home mom who had spent a good chunk of alter on a newly designed web site, then had it optimized by a search engine expert. It had been on the internet for two months, but she wasn’t receiving any site visitors. She wanted to know what she was undertaking wrong. Turns out she developed the web site, paid someone to optimize the web site, but by no means did any form of advertising, advertising, or promotion beyond that.

Some so-named experts make it sound like all you have to do is generate an amazing, optimize it for the search engines and wait for consumers to come knocking on your door. Sadly, that is not how it functions in the real world.

Just optimizing your web site and listing it with the search engines isn’t enough.  It’s a great very first step, but you have to market your website—and your online business—like you would a standard brick and mortar shop to maximize each sales and site visitors.

The first thing to realize is that search engines have algorithms that modify on a constant—and continuous—basis so hiring a search engine optimization person just as soon as isn’t sufficient to hold your site at the leading of the search engine final results pages. It is a great spot to begin, but it absolutely is not adequate.

The second point is to realize that orders will not come if no one knows about your website and no one is going to know about your web site until you take the time to educate them. This is going to take time and income.

If you haven’t accomplished so already, begin advertising your web site to your  targeted audience. Announce your website to the world via no spam techniques, such as:

advertising in e-zines or e-newsletters,
marketing on other internet sites who share your target audience,
advertising in the local print newspaper,
advertising in national print publications,
sending out public relations or media kits so that you can get interviewed by reporters, journalists, and freelance writers,
submitting articles to each paying and non-paying markets,

(verify out http://thedabblingmum.com/ebookstore/organization/marketarticles.htm)

going to forums that attain your target audience,
socializing in social media circles like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and CreatingTheHive, and
hosting speaking engagements at topic-connected functions.

And although it should’ve already been carried out by the search engine optimization expert, double verify to make certain your site has been submitted to the search engines. If not, that could be a enormous element in why your site is not getting organic targeted traffic by way of the search engines.