What to Do About Grade Inflation?


It really is Sunday and I’m pondering which inspirational message to offer you the perspicacious parents of my educational web site and as fortune would have it (or misfortune – depending upon how you appear at it), a cover story of the AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) strikes my focus! “Easy Grades, Failing Grads!” The subtitle exclaims that a lot more and a lot more students in Georgia start college in remedial classrooms! It was here that my family’s private expertise flashed before my eyes! And I quickly thought – yep! Grade inflation in Georgia has undoubtedly gotten out of hand! To the tune of a lot more than $ 25 million that is…

Grade inflation is the incongruity in between superior functionality reported in the classroom and what’s demonstrated scholastically in a distinct academic situation or environment. 1st signs of it can be found as early as the elementary college years when there exists a discrepancy among a child’s report card grades (which could demonstrate exceptional efficiency) and his/her nationally normed-standardized test scores.

This instantaneously denotes many problems! One particular, there is an inherent dilemma with the rigor (or lack thereof) in the state’s curriculum (as was the case right here in Georgia) an additional could be that a child may endure from anxieties associated to taking exams. Nevertheless 1 other could be a teacher’s unbiased opinion towards a youngster – excellent or negative. If the teacher is impartial, the viewpoint could definitely hurt a child either way. In the AJC post, a parent suggested that his son be held back from moving on to the next grade when the teacher stated that it wouldn’t be a excellent notion. The student was a very good kid!!

To the “uninformed” parent, a youngster coming home with stellar grades however dismal test scores wouldn’t be a result in for alarm. The A’s and B’s received on assignments and report cards are what counts to them. But to the more enlightened parent, the divergence would be met with quick action and diligence. I was instantly troubled when I observed my then fourth grade daughter’s Stanford-Binet scores. She was an honor student – at a private college…earning only two B’s the whole year, still she scored “typical” in practically each and every section of the standardized-test! Ahead of any individual could protest, we pulled her from the private school to homeschool with the intention to appropriate whatever went terribly incorrect that preceding year!

I don’t specifically believe in constantly shining the spotlight on the “failures” of the public school system -following all, public schooling provides us with a totally free education. However, this debacle serves as a warning for parents to be far more watchful and INVOLVED. Our parental contribution can influence extremely distinct outcomes in all factors related to education – even on this problem.

Oftentimes grade inflation is not spotted, as was talked about in the write-up, till the student enters college – and by then the stakes grow to be significantly greater. Think about the blow to your teen’s self-confidence if remedial college classes were to turn out to be a portion of his/her college knowledge right after getting recognized as a prime student in high college? Not to mention the addition expenses involved just to get them to a point of functioning on a college level.

As a lot of school districts have currently administered standardized tests, pay particularly close to your child’s scores in relation to their current grades received on classroom assignments, homework and tests. If you sense any presence of grade inflation, give urgent attention to the matter! Make it a point to speak with the teacher concerning the test scores to get insight into the problem then actively seek a resolution. It could be a challenge with test taking skills, the college or college district’s curriculum or even issues with the state’s curriculum.

If your child is indeed experiencing a case of test-taking anxiety then it would be a very good notion to investigation recommendations on how to remedy the scenario. There are numerous wonderful internet sites obtainable to support. If the difficulty lies outside of the kid i.e. a college, school district, or state department of education issue then more needs to be carried out at home to “college-proof” your youngster. You can examine the school, school district or state scores to counterparts to notice any disparities.

As for homeschooling parents – use the test scores as a guide to decide which lessons to teach more than the summer time or in the course of the subsequent school year or if there are capabilities sets that require further development.

Ultimately, this is subject that deserves our utmost consideration as parents and the sooner we get a handle on this problem the better it will be for your child’s academic future!