What Provides a Violin Bow Worth?


Over the last five years I have plunged into the globe of violins. A single of the largest surprises to me was that the industry for violin bows is a lot diverse from the violin industry. Like violins there seems to be a industry for an every single day practice bow and then there is a different industry for the personal bow. That is the one particular that the violinist will use when he desires to play for his pleasure or for other individuals pleasure. The search for this bow is usually for the best bow that the violinist can afford. It is more personal and more permanent than the purchase of the violin. A musician will preserve a bow by way of the acquiring and promoting of a number of violins.

A excellent bow has four traits that I can recognize. The 1st is quality construction. The wood of decision is Pernambuco aka Brazilwood. It is noted for its color, its lightness and that it does not warp more than time. If the maker of the violin bow makes the effort to use the best wood, the shaft of the bow is virtually usually six sided.

By lightness of the bow the reference is literally to the weight. Most higher high quality bows are in among 56 and 64 grams. This is a weight that great violinists locate most comfy. It is a normal in each contemporary and antique violin bows.

The other technical aspect is the balance of the bow. Most higher quality bows have a silver or whale bone wrap just above the frog on the shaft for balance. It offers the bow a nice look as properly.

The history of a bow appears to have a enormous impact on reflecting high quality and thus shows up in the pricing. 3 of the names that are nicely know in the world of antique violin bows are Tourte, Lupot and W E Hill and Sons. Hill bows illustrate greatest what makes antique bows worthwhile. To this day the business is noted for producing the highest top quality violin bows. Antique examples of these bows have small marks and symbols on the frog, on the shaft and beneath the tip that recognize which employee made which component that was then assembled into the bow. There is a book that reports the full history of who was employed by this firm and what components he made from what year to what year.

Good quality bows withstand the test of time. It is a pretty easy instrument that has one particular fatal flaw. It warps. A bow has camber, the organic bowing that maintains the tension on the horse hair. Even so, the vast majority of bows will warp laterally over time. By that I mean that when you place the frog to your nose and you look down the bow it will bend to the right or left a small bit or quite drastically. Any warp of this type reduces that value of a bow.

So what gives a violin bow worth? Like each and every point in this globe it is the forces of provide and demand. The demand for high quality violin bows increases with the constant increase in excellent violinists. Nonetheless, most violin bows do not survive the test of time. There is a quite restricted provide of high quality antique violin bows and it will never ever enhance. This is comparable to the reality of antique violins. Nevertheless, supply is considerably a lot more restricted for antique bows than for antique violins. Folks who do have a quality antique violin bow are much less most likely to place it on the marketplace so provide is restricted because of that. The second component of the equation is that fewer antique bows survived. In our collection we had more than 60 violins. Nearly without having exception, every of them was in a case with a bow. We were in a position to repair 50 of the violins. Only 4 bows had been in great sufficient shape to save. Those that we chose to sell were sold in a heartbeat. I suspect that we could have gotten an even much better price tag than we did so we have a couple of very satisfied buyers. So if you are searching for a excellent violin bow, count on to pay a handsome cost but it is a lifetime investment.