What Jobs & Careers Can You Get with a Biomedical Sciences Degree? | Atousa

What Jobs & Careers Can You Get with a Biomedical Sciences Degree? | Atousa

I know when I was studying my biomedical sciences degree at newcastle university, I was continuously stressed out about what jobs or careers this degree can lead to. now that I’m a bit older (and hopefully wiser!) I’ve learnt that there is actually so a lot that you can do with a biomed degree, and nowadays I just wanted to share with you SOME of the things you can do! I did not speak in too considerably detail about PhDs, master’s, or investigation routes, but that is what I am at the moment undertaking myself (a master’s in translational cancer medicine at king’s college london)!

I hope you discover this helpful! 🙂


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Biomedical Scientist:

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Science Writer & Communication:

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Clinical Trials Coordinator:
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