What is the main show panel on a consumer product?

tags Below the CCCR the “main show panel” signifies the part of the show surface that is displayed or visible below normal situations of sale to the consumer. This is taken to imply the front of the label as the solution would sit on the shelf in a retail setting. The CCCR has quite particular requirements for the major show panel. Exact hazard text and symbols must be present on the label primarily based on the chemical hazard classification, and there are minimum size specifications for the text and symbols.

The primary show panel must contain, as applicable, the connected hazard symbol(s), the signal word, and the principal hazard statement(s), all of which correspond with the classification assigned to the chemical under the CCCR regulations. The Customer Packaging and Labelling Act also calls for that the primary show panel state the item identity declaration, and the net quantity declaration. The goods identity declaration is basically the merchandise use. If the goods name explains what the item is employed for then this can count as the identity declaration. All of this needed details has minimum size requirements that should be met, of which the sizes are based on the location of the major show panel.

To establish the region of the principal display panel the side of the product container that faces the consumer is generally taken, even so sometime this is not as straight forward as it appears. Typically in the case of a rectangular container, the largest side of the display surface is the primary display panel. In the case of a cylindrical container, the biggest of either the location of the best, or 40% of the location obtained by multiplying the circumference of the container by the height. When the solution comes in a bag, the biggest side of the bag is employed. For any other container, the largest surface of the container that is not significantly less than 40% of the display surface is employed as the main show panel.

There are certain place needs for the main display panel info. The hazard symbol, signal word and primary hazard statement need to be under the product name, centered and near the base of the item on the major display panel. Furthermore all essential information have to be stated in both English and French languages.

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