What is Gadget Insurance coverage and Do I Need to have It?


With electronic gadgets such as iPods, mobile phones, laptops and net books becoming far more desirable, gadget insurance coverage is a specialist solution aimed at those of us with a lot of gadgets. As these gadgets become much more of an integrated component of our lives, we tend to overlook the actual worth of items we can be carrying about with us each and every day. Simply carrying about an iPod, a best of the variety mobile phone, and a laptop and you could have gadgets worth around £1,000 on you! Certainly, study* has highlighted how about half of us are carrying gadgets worth up to £500 when we leave property.

So, what would you do if they had been stolen, broken or lost? Could you afford to replace them? This could be a good time to consider Gadget Insurance coverage.

What does it cover?

Policies differ but in the main, you get a regular policy that covers up to 5 named products, those things can contain:

Mobile Phones, iPods, PSP’s and other portable consoles, PDA’s, Satellite Navigation Systems,MP3 Players, Cameras, Camcorders, Individual Media Players, and Laptops and PC’s.

Why do I require it?

With these items becoming a lot more portable, there is an improved likelihood that these could be damaged, lost or even stolen. Policies will normally cover you if a gadget breaks down which can be a excellent comfort if replacing it is critical.

Gadget insurance coverage is some thing that need to be deemed if you have a lot of gadgets which you take out with you frequently.  It is a straightforward item to acquire and there are a number of providers which allow you to acquire online.

As described prior to, policy attributes can differ among providers – for example, even though theft or harm cover is usually offered for all your gadgets, the ‘loss’ element could cover mobile phones and PDA’s only, so do check what the cover gives just before you purchase.

If worrying about your gadgets each time you go out is something that happens to you, then why not think about Gadget Insurance? It can give you a great level of peace of mind and insure your gadgets against quite a lot anything that can occur to them.

*Analysis carried out across 501 buyers aged 18-64 years old. Research undertaken by Aurora Marketplace Investigation (May 2009).