What is Disruptive Technology


You may have already come across the term “disruptive technologies” and you might have wondered on what is its meaning. Effectively, as the term itself suggests, disruptive technology refers to the kinds of technology which may possibly alter the current status quo that we have currently. Some examples of this are telephones and digital cameras.

The invention of telephone has revolutionized the way we send and acquire or communicate with other persons such as our families and buddies who are in far places. Alternatively of sending a snail mail which can take up to days or weeks, individuals then opted to use telephones in communicating with other individuals. With this as an instance, we can see how phone has changed the way we reside our lives.

Disruptive technologies may have very good and negative effects in our society but it is only up to us on no matter whether we would think about its effects as benefits or disadvantages. Technologies in fact refers to the techniques, techniques, and procedures that we do in order to attain a specific objective or completing a specific process.

Most of these disruptive technologies have caused our globe to be much more comfortable and handy to live in. An example of this is the invention of computers. Just like the invention of telephones, men and women also found computers to be much more efficient when it comes to sending and getting messages to other individuals with, of course, the help of the internet. As an alternative of just calling our loved ones over the phones, we can now have a video conference with them making use of a computer.

There is also what we call low-marketplace disruptive technology and a fantastic instance of this will be the notebook computer systems. This certain type of personal computer is truly a smaller sized version of a laptop. Notebooks also are significantly less pricey as compared to actual laptops enabling folks without having laptops have their own notebooks. We can say that notebook computer systems have turn out to be popular but not to the extent that it would replace laptops.


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