What is dangerous for the flight attendant?

What is dangerous for the flight attendant?

What is dangerous for the flight attendant?

The list of hazardous occupations can be supplemented by the flight attendant profession – and it’s not just about varicose, which many people talk about. Researchers at Harvard argue that people who provide comfort to passengers during the flight are in a group at increased risk of developing several forms of cancer.

The authors, led by Irina Mordukhovich, asked the workers to fill in health questionnaires and found that flight attendants were at an increased risk of breast cancer, melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer, cancer of the digestive and genitourinary systems, thyroid cancer and cervical cancer the uterus .

The researchers noted that they did not notice the most pleasant feature – in flight attendants with three or more children, breast tumors appeared more often than the average for the population. Usually, the large number of children is a factor that reduces the likelihood of this form of cancer.

Scientists suggest that the probability of cancer in flight attendants is increased due to the fact that they most often encounter circadian rhythm disturbances – they are forced to stay awake at night, making long flights, and also to change time zones frequently.

According to another version, stewards and stewardesses are much more likely than others to deal with possible carcinogens – pesticides, aviation fuel particles and combustion inhibitors. In addition, they are exposed to the effects of ionizing radiation to a greater extent than those who work on the ground.

The authors of the study believe that people working on board the aircraft need to be more careful about their health, so as not to miss the first signs of the development of the disease.

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