What is About Replacing Your Keypad phone with a Touch Screen Gadget!


These days the revolution of technologies has introduced a vast range of electronic gadgets in the market. Touch screen mobile phone is one of these products which are now generating the most of the mobile market place.


Touchscreen items have been flooded in the mobile arena these days. These gadgets are coming up with the advanced applications generating it an intense versatile option for the users.  The big screen of these cell phones will certainly give you the feeling as you are sitting in front laptop or screen of your personal computer.


There are some essential things that need to have to be considered when buying your personal touchscreen handset. A big and wide touchscreen will be effective in the sense that you can view the applications and internet pages in an simple way.


You might also appear for the functions in your targeted touchscreen cell phones. Choose the one which best suits your needs.  Wifi is an critical function which is coming in most of the gadgets presently. Right after selecting the ideal one particular for you, you will surely have a lot of entertaining in generating your calls, accessing the phone directory and also to make use of considerable number of applications.


You can get a top featured version of such item from chinabuye. EKEN M001 is a nice and elegant offer you from chinabuye with 2GB of difficult disk and 7 inch TFT touch screen. It is white colored device which is portable in style creating it extremely simple to manage with you.


The CPU speed is 300 Mhz or a lot more precisely By way of MW8505. The resolution of the TFT screen is 800 * 480 making it attainable to watch your favorite films or play high graphics games. There are a lot of formats that are supported by this cell telephone. These mostly include MP3 and AVI which is certainly the most well-known around.


The gadget is supported with high profile stereo speakers creating the sound at its really very best. It comes up with built-in Google Android operating technique. Weighing nearly .35 Kg, the mobile telephone is supported with a wide range of languages. You can find effortlessly your nation language in order to use it in a a lot more effortless way. The slot list involves a single SD card slot, a USB port and a standard earphone jack.


The comprehensive package includes 1 UMPC, a USB cable, a charger and also the user manual.  For a lot more data please pay a visit to chinabuye.com