What else are dangerous mosquitoes: how a normal bite became the cause of a frightening infection

What else are dangerous mosquitoes: how a normal bite became the cause of a frightening infection

What else are dangerous mosquitoes: how a normal bite became the cause of a frightening infection

“You’ll think, a little pimple,” – approximately so suggest that we treat the imperfections on the face of supporters of the body . And most often, by the way, they are absolutely right. Dermatologists all over the world say that large and small pimples are best left untouched if it is not a large-scale rash (in this case it is necessary to consult a specialist). And the only thing you can do to help yourself is a remedy with salicylic acid , which, first, will dry out the inflammation, secondly, it will rid it of bacteria, speeding up the healing.

However, in exceptional cases, a small tubercle may be something that will make not only the hypochondriac tremble . As happened with a Russian woman, whose name is not disclosed for the sake of compliance with medical ethics, found something similar on her face.

According to IFL Science, citing the New England Journal of Medicine, after spending some time in the countryside outside of Moscow, the 32-year-old woman returned home with an unusual bulge under her eye. This place was a little scratching, but otherwise it seemed that there was nothing to worry about. Probably, the patient would have thought so and on, if something had not happened that could horrify even the most persistent of us – a lump moved across the face, so that it was already over, not under the eye.

On this finished script to the horror did not end. After a while (rather meek, because the woman realized that it was time to sound the alarm), the bulge moved to the upper lip. To the surprise of experts, the Russian woman was not a timid ten, so she managed to photograph all the movements of the mysterious lump, suggesting that it is able to help in the diagnosis.

As a result, the false lizard was a parasitic worm living under the skin. Scientists explain that the larvae of a worm known as Dirofilaria repens can be transported through mosquito bites . By the way, annoying mosquitoes, according to the girls, were exactly what troubled her throughout the rest.

What else are dangerous mosquitoes how a normal bite became the cause of a frightening infection

Is there anything positive in this story? Certainly. The treatment seemed very simple – the doctors removed the worm surgically with almost no consequences, except, perhaps, inessential skin damage at the site of the incision. In the report on the disease, also published by NEJM, it is separately noted that the parasite extremely rarely infects people, and where it is more often worried about dogs and other carnivores. But even a few recorded cases, you see, is enough to make us worry.

It is known, for example, that in 2009 a German man got into a hospital after five weeks of headaches, speech problems and motor dysfunction – symptoms usually associated with a stroke . But during the initial diagnosis the doctor noticed a strange lump that, during the examination, moved from the area near the elbow to the back of the patient’s arm. And this, as you could already guess, was a massive worm crawling under the skin, with the already well-known name Dirofilaria repens.

Experts warn that refusal to leave for nature in this case is not an option. And panic fear of mosquitoes is not what they seek to achieve, betraying eerie stories publicity.

But they say that it may be useful for all of us to keep in mind that the most common symptom of D. repens infection in a person is a bulge (a pimple, but without the inflammatory process) on the body that moves, and yet the sensation , as if something is moving under your skin. Statistics show that about 35% of cases of convexity in the body indicate that this nematode like Dirofilaria migrates through tissues.

The bad news is that the number of cases of D. repens infection in humans is increasing. So, in the period from 1997 to 2012, the number of reported cases increased from 8 to 200, and this occurs at higher and higher latitudes. But we still want to finish off the good news: yes, all this is monstrous and disgusting, but worms should be thanked at least for the fact that in the human body they do not reproduce. Well, the symptoms disappear as soon as the worm is removed from the body. And this, perhaps, should also be considered a plus.

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