What Do You Know About Biology Inspiration?


Whilst I hold a vision of a wholesome future, we are currently confronted with a crisis of global proportions. Scientists have shown that Earth’s biosphere is in the throes of experiencing its sixth mass extinction. Five prior mass extinctions almost wiped out life on the planet. They are attributed to extraterrestrial forces such as comets or asteroids hitting the earth. The existing extinction is driven by forces considerably closer to property, for it is recognized that human civilization is the major cause behind the current crisis.



For over 4 hundred years, Western civilization has selected Science as its source of truths and wisdom about the mysteries of life. Allegorically, we may possibly picture the wisdom of the universe as resembling a massive mountain. We scale the mountain as we acquire information. Our drive to reach the prime of that mountain is fueled by the notion that with understanding, we might grow to be “masters” of our universe. Conjure the image of the all-realizing guru seated atop the mountain.


The path that Science is at the moment navigating has inadvertently brought us to our present moment of international crisis.

The first half of Modern day Science was preoccupied with reducing our world to separate bits and pieces. These efforts have provided information that has enabled humans to look out into the deepest regions of the universe and peer into the inner workings of a single atom. Although the technology derived from reductionist science is miraculous in its nature, our use of it is destroying our civilization.


New science recognizes that life is much more than the study of its individual components. The revised curriculum balances our historic reductionist point of view with the evolving ideas of holism. By focusing on the energy of interactive, autopoetic communities, whether they are comprised of energy waves, chemical compounds, cells or humans, we will be able to recognize the peace inherent in our oneness.


As human beings engaged in the excellent function of re-making our selves, our species and our planet, our mission is to seek inventive responses to the challenges before us. Traditionally, reductionist science has sought resolutions by delving deeper into the material fabric of nature. In contrast, new science directs our interest to the heretofore-invisible matrix of entangled immaterial forces that shape and energize our globe. Our holistic pursuit compels us to pull back from studying the trees, and personal the scope and magnitude of the forest. From that perspective, we are obliged to recognize the energy Noetic Consciousness plays in shaping our lives, our planet and our challenges. This new life-sustaining awareness echoes the words of physicist R. C. Henry in his current essay in Nature, “The Universe is immaterial–mental and spiritual. Reside and appreciate.” (Henry, 2005)