What Determines What A Human Is?


If you had a liver transplant, or even an artificial implant, would you nevertheless be the identical individual you are? Some flippant individuals may possibly want to test this conjecture, but the vast majority of us would respond with a resounding yes.

Well, what if you received a brain transplant, or, heaven tremble, an ‘artificial’ brain? Would you be the exact same individual then? I really feel a moment of uncomfortable silence followed by a dismissal that such a thing is ‘merely science fiction.’ But an artificial brain will probably someday become science reality, and at this extremely moment crude pc chips that function by mimicking the synapses of a neural network are in improvement. Seen from the other direction, chips implanted in the brain that can upload and download information and programs are actually in the works.

We all somehow really feel that it is our brain that makes who we are. But is that actually correct? The brain is as far as science dares to tread, and even the doubting Thomas’ amongst us know that science has practically nothing to say about the realm of the soul, spirit, or metaphysic. For in that realm it is out of its league by its own definitions.

Surely the brain is where we shop all our memories of events, individuals, and emotions. Feelings themselves have been proven to activate (or to be activated by based on one’s point of view) distinct components of the brain and certain levels of brain chemical substances as nicely. From all these memories and feelings occurring in the brain, 1 is continuously redefining and identifying ‘oneself.’

But is that all we are? A bunch of memory information activating chemical reactions that cascade down electrical wires known as nerve cells? To quote a renowned verse, ‘Fear not those that kill the flesh far better fear the 1 who can steal your soul.’ I have no scientific proof to back that, but it seems to make significantly more sense to me than the former proposition.