What are the muscles of the bark and how (and also why) should they be strengthened

What are the muscles of the bark and how (and also why) should they be strengthened

What are the muscles of the bark and how (and also why) should they be strengthened

The muscles of the cortex are a whole complex of muscles responsible for stabilization and normal functioning of the spine, pelvis and thighs. They are so important that absolutely any training, it’s about quiet pilates and yoga or more active zumba and HIIT , somehow affect them.

For those who are interested in details, we inform you that the cortex, for example, includes the oblique, straight and transverse abdominal muscles that lead the muscles (inner thigh), hamstrings, gluteus muscles, subacute muscles (rotator cuff of the shoulder) and many others. Keeping these muscles in good condition will help you at least avoid problems with your back , and as a maximum – feel great and easily carry any loads.

The earlier the better

The strong muscles of the cortex are almost unrelated to how admirable your press will be or how well you will look in a swimsuit on the beach. Meanwhile, they are a key element of dozens of everyday movements, including such simple things as the ability to easily bring home purchases and the ability to get out of bed without problems in the morning .

Many of us are aware that weak bark muscles can cause back pain, but their significance is often often underestimated. Analysis of studies on the topic published between 1970 and 2011 shows that “maintaining basic stability is better than general exercises to reduce pain” for patients with chronic pain in the spine. And given that the pain in the lower back is worried by almost 540 million people around the world, exercise on the muscles of the cortex will be an excellent investment in the future in terms of health.

Big Three

Stuart McGill of the University of Waterloo built a career in research on causes of back pain and the ability to cope with them as quickly and efficiently as possible. He recommends placing a bet on the “big three” exercises – a set that everyone can do and who will get maximum bonuses at the same time. It consists of twists, deflections of the back, standing on all fours, and a side bridge. An additional advantage is that all these exercises have a low intensity, which means they are suitable for almost everyone .

Pregnancy is not a reason to stop

Pregnancy and childbirth are especially complex for all kinds of research. Nevertheless, scientists have something to say about the muscles of the cortex with regard to women in a special situation. Studies show that 50% of pregnant women have back pain of varying intensity, and 20% have acute or traumatic pain in the pelvic region. An analysis of studies conducted in 2013 showed that women who continued to exercise sparingly during pregnancy, betting on strengthening the muscles of the cortex, noted a significant decrease in the intensity of pain.

Bet on the bar

At one time squats and exercises on the press were the basis, without which it seemed impossible to imagine a fitness program. But now everything has changed – and their place was taken by the bar. A truly unique exercise that gives results even after 1-2 minutes with regular repetition and does not require any special preparation (as, incidentally, the inventory), the bar basically trains just the muscles of the bark.

Keep in mind – useful for those who become bored – that there are many different options for the bar, including the reverse bar, the side bar and even the bar with the movement. But remember at the same time that a quality bar for 30 seconds is always better than a low-quality lath within 2 minutes.

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