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tags At present, even though in Europe and the U.S. exports fell, but production and export in the Wenzhou Lighter The formation of large-scale enterprises. Bureau of 2004, registered by the Wenzhou lighter companies 256 production and export, by way of the implementation of 2005, exports of hazardous goods containers lighter top quality assessment has been licensed by 105, now only 53, but the production scale created quickly.

Data show that in 2009 approved 541 export to Japan, 92,620,100, the value of 58,092,900 U.S. dollars, compared with a year earlier batch fell 6.4%, but the quantity, value respectively over the earlier year increased by 18.02% over the exact same period, 9.45%. Export quantity, export value accounted for the total quantity in Wenzhou Lighter 63.27%, 55.31%.

Nevertheless trapped in Europe and the United States laws and regulations of the Wenzhou lighter CR, CR and regulations of Japan may well again face closure. Smoking Association of Japan has provided details that the Japanese government is preparing legislation comparable to Europe and the United States of CR is most likely to officially implemented this summer. At the moment, the lighter business associations have been closely watching progress in Japan, and the response started, in April will also tour to lobby, to present its position to safeguard our widespread interests of business, metal lighter.

Lately convened a small group meeting is the recent response to the fourth, and almost 10 entrepreneurs via several rounds of brainstorming, have unity of opinion about the deal. Previously, City Council held lighters trade association committed to set up a leading group dealing with Japan’s CR Act.

Via industrial transfer, lighter manufacturers in Japan have been depleted, Wenzhou has turn into lighter importers sourcing base in Japan. “Japan has become a significant exporter of temperature produced lighter, if CR implementation of the market in Japan will lead to incalculable impact.” Zhejiang Light Industry Co., Trane chairman Li Jianjiang, stated his firm last year, output worth 160 million yuan, of which 90% of exports Japan, accounting for the export of Wenzhou Lighter 70% of the Japanese market.

For export to Japan much more than 20 enterprises in Wenzhou lighter, piece of cake will not be effortlessly discarded. Wenzhou Customs information showed exports to Japan final year, Wenzhou, 58,092,900 U.S. dollars, up 9.45% year on year, accounting for Wenzhou Lighter 55.31% of total exports in the Japanese industry, making lighter temperature Sell Quantity is increased each year. Information show that the Japanese industry over the metal lighters are from Wenzhou almost Jiucheng.

“Of course we are nevertheless actively fighting for the interests of space, but as a business should attach fantastic significance to the upgrading of industries is an inevitable choice for lighter enterprise.” Huang Fajing City lighters Market Association, said the association in recent years to encourage the market of Wenzhou Lighter taking the road of diversified development, and actively opening up of Russia, Southeast Asia and other new markets, also achieved good results.

Lighter CR requirements about lengthy history of trade disputes. CR 1994, the United States passed the bill resulted in a number of companies in Wenzhou lighters out of the U.S. market place. EU given that 2002, several attempts have been unsuccessful launch of CR standards. In 2006, the EU needs Member States announced the implementation of kid-resistant lighters and installation of new requirements (the new CR standards). The face of Europe and the United States CR Act, the International Financial Severe test of crisis scenario, thousands of Wenzhou Lighter Enterprises has dropped to about the present far more than 160.

Suggestions: Wenzhou Lighter rise in the early 90s of last century, rising from the sector to create, step by step to force Japan, South Korea much more than 80% lighter manufacturer or closed their doors, or turn Wenzhou buy lighters, or OEM, so that Japan, South Korea from the world’s biggest exporter of two lighters into the biggest importer.

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