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tags It is reported that Wenzhou product also various kinds of venues, infrastructure, the “pervasive,” Globe Expo venues to use stainless steel pipes, digital photo frames, lighting fixtures, hardware, electrical switches and other items much more than 20 categories, are branded as “Wenzhou made” label. World Fair (Expo) is known as financial, technological, cultural, referred to as the Olympic, contains hundreds of billions of wealth. 150 years soon after its birth, the Chinese can ultimately usher it in front of his residence hold. For Taiwanese, will be five 1st – October 31 the Shanghai Planet Expo will be held in both fresh and familiar. For businesses, it is a excellent stage show itself, a golden chance, many leading companies in the planet today are at the Expo became a hit.
Expo protagonist is undoubtedly cities, higher-tech product firms. Simply because of this, most individuals do not know about how the Planet Expo, the natural market place of Wenzhou private entrepreneurs have long sharp rainy day, accelerating the pace of integration into the Shanghai Globe Expo. Right now, in Shanghai Expo, Wenzhou elements can be observed everywhere: from garments to cutlery, from gifts to the LED lamp, from the details sheet is to have the characteristics of Wenzhou Xiao Jiang folk drum, Wenzhou elements go hand in hand.
Recently, Wen enterprises Haobo four for the World Expo venues in the audience have been completed installation of the seat, holding firm of Zhejiang Star also clear the way for the World Expo will be dozens of BMW police auto on the warning lights installed, Rui Li for the 340 bus to provide new energy Expo physique chassis, frame components, Couplings, driving seats, much more than ten types of supporting the basic delivery merchandise, more than 200 sets of “European King” brand clothing will be delivered in mid-April in Shanghai, fine lines engraved paper, boxwood carvings and other non-heritage exhibits, Wenzhou is also about to leave for Shanghai show. With the approach of the opening of Expo, Expo Wenzhou a lot of components have progressively surfaced.
For example, at the Expo, only Star Holding Group Shanghai’s World Pok Paul provides much more than 100 kinds of goods, Shanghai, about half of the police vehicle lights from the “Star.” Star also provides especially for the prevention and handle of disposal of police officers who boxes, which shop the paint spray, flashlights and other temporary requirements during the Expo safety goods. The company’s Shanghai branch, mentioned Mei Shue vice president of sales, which is to spray paint in the course of the Expo period, to avert malicious graffiti on the wall by the use of destructive slogans. In the suburbs, but also for bike lights installed.
At the identical time, the Shanghai Globe Expo Coordination Bureau Olympic Theme Museum Ben-ni clothes apparel sponsor is also busy with preparations for ten days soon after the press conference held in Shanghai, a lot more than 200 sets of “European King” brand clothing will be on April 18, All served on Shanghai. On the other hand, Wenzhou folk will show their talents at the Expo this month, 15 -19 days a lot more than 30 pieces of boxwood carvings Yueqing will enter the Expo started to exhibit fine. The drums have also been rehearsing Xiao Jiang properly.
According to official estimates, this session of the Shanghai World Expo is anticipated to attract 110 million -1.3 million individuals visited the exhibition, up to 1,800 yuan per capita consumption is anticipated to promote retail sales of consumer goods in Shanghai increased from 30 billion to 40 billion yuan.
In the design, Wenzhou Shao Feng, Shanghai Globe Expo venues Li Shaoyun brothers surgeon interior style decoration, the improvement of international info network for the Hall (devnet) designed a casual bar. Statistics show that now more than 20 companies, men and women, groups involved in the Expo far more than 20 industries, projects, offer a range of goods connected to value of no less than numerous billion dollars.