Weisi Yuan And Su Yaguang Pump Test Pioneering The Road – Water Pumps, Organization – Pump Sector

tags And HC Valve Network: Weisi Yuan and Su Yaguang is a excellent buddy from childhood play to massive, with an enviable stability. Nonetheless, to realize their company dreams to give up a lot more than 10 million annual salary of the operate, one particular off the podium complete of flowers and applause, the difficult enterprise collectively onto the road.

Weisi Yuan and Su Yaguang were graduated from Dalian Jiaotong University and Hebei University of Technology’s Personal computer Science and Technologies expert. After graduation, Wei Siyuan a pc from Beijing Institute of annual salary of a lot more than ten million, Su Yaguang is taught there. They function steady, effectively-paid, individuals envy. Outdoors of function, the two buddies often demonstrate their Pump Motor testing technology, has given rise to many innovative spark. In 2006, Wei Siyuan obtained utility patent, “the temperature, temperature distinction measuring device”, in 2008 it won a patent, “the temperature, stress measurement signal integrated sampling device.” Later, Su Yaguang selected some thing was successfully admitted to the College of Harbin Institute of Technology test and measurement technology experts by way of postgraduate study.

Last May, Harbin University of Science and Technology Park Tender Students start off the project, following discussing the two bold choices, partner to bid Science Park Venture. Wei Siyuan to give up a lot of individuals dream of the analysis work, return residence with a patented technology. Last year in July, they incorporated in Harbin Siruifute Technologies Co., Ltd., settled in Harbin University of Science and Technology Park. The company’s primary business is electrical testing and evaluation systems, water Pump Test and energy testing, technical consulting, technical solutions and technical transformation, and so on. Project And automatic calibration of gas detector analysis and development and improvement. They pump testing system created by leading in the business monopoly. The motor performance test evaluation program is essential for the current power saving and emission testing equipment, test approaches as sophisticated, exclusive, with sturdy market place competitiveness.

Last year, the unit needs a pump test of functionality, to detect them. Enterprises do not really feel the water shed, they invited yet another business intends to transform the nearby pump. Wei Siyuan their functionality test final results are good pump, no improvement. Shandong Enterprise skeptical, also requested that the company come up with rehabilitation applications. Following the firm examine the conclusions obtained with out transformation. Because then, SEREIN Ford and Shandong has maintained a enterprise enterprise Cooperation Relations.

Wei Siyuan that domestic enterprises to use the pump motor testing equipment mainly imported from abroad, although foreign suppliers far will not be forthcoming, the service is hard to spot in time. Wei Siyuan cut into them from the service, in addition to delivering pre-use guide, it also is responsible for the technical services and connected post-transformation, piled into the market quickly. The company has received the operation of a few firms that make Wei Siyuan their self-assurance. But the firm is still in its infancy, is to cultivate customers. Proper now, the firm is promoting Fire Instrumentation, Shandong, what a customer ordered five sets. Let Weisi Yuan and Su Yaguang However, too small property venture. They are participating in the preparation

now the national normal “pump liquid transport system, energy monitoring method.” Wei Siyuan, this is the confidence of the young SEREIN Ford and inspired.