Weatherproof Outside lcd enclosures – Safeguarding Outdoor Digital signage


Watertight LCD housings are getting utilized to protect outside electronic signage hardware from the elements.

Outside electronic signage is a single of the quickest building industry sectors to emerge from the recession, but a single issue is definite that digital signage systems demands defending if it is be installed out-of-doors, or else the price of the project can with no problems rise ten fold and make the venture unviable.

The choices accessible are:

Unique out-of-doors Plasma tvs.
These water proof displays are in a weather proof unit supplying a water proof technology, straight out of the package, but these are in the zone of $ 8,000 for a rudimentary 42″ screen, even so these will as a rule not have the exact links for the content player, they are also on customized orders taking any were from six to ten weeks to be produced.

But balance this to a industrial screen of the same size for $ 999 and a water-resistant Lcd cabinet costing $ 1399 there is a massive price saving and the solution can be deployed in below 2 weeks. Also when the gear is upgraded the shielding Plasma cases will also retailer the advertisements player or a small processor, this is what makes the option much less challenging.

Watertight Lcd instances come with watertight seals throughout the cases openings and even the fibre grommets are waterproof creating specific that the housing is water tight, when a unit is weatherproof the subsequent concern must be the cooling as a sealed casing will build up warm inside really speedily and the unit have to be ventilated efficiently at the identical time as maintaining out any rain, snow or something hostile. Or else an overheated screen will result in a screen of death which is blacked out owing to the liquid crystals turning from crystals to liquid.

Acquiring a sealed unit that is effectively ventilated is important to have a secure and safe digital signage answer.