Waste Electrical Appliance Scrap The Peak Of The Profit Chain Survey


neighborhood to sustain our Tv is about 400 million units,

Washing machine

170 million units, refrigerators 130 million units,


16 million units these appliances in the final century, mainly in the late 80’s into the family members, calculated according to the regular life of ten-15 years, since 2003 China has entered the appliance retirement peak

The business believes that Jiu Jiadian recycling market place is an objective reality, but how a lot profit margins, largely depend on national policies. Current national policy in common, assistance the recovery of waste household appliances, but no certain measures

abroad, this public awareness is quite advanced, processing waste electrical appliance is a completely voluntary point. But now China is unable to do this, the public is hard in the case of charge to supply their personal houses beneath the Waste Electrical

2005 eight mid-day, the weather is still hot,

States United States

East China Electric


Co-manager of Deng Mingqi earth going green organization in Hangzhou, comes into view is a touch of green. He had just set and earth to negotiate a cooperation, starting from the end, the nation will formally join the United States to scrap the ranks of the electronics recycling.

Dengming Qi will be the co-called “a try”, since it is property appliances


Channel for the first time dealing with institutions and expert cooperation, is the very first time the formation of a standardized scale recycling business chain. Co-operation is extremely basic, that is accountable for recycling waste electrical GOME, and then processed by the earth, and Zhejiang Provincial Government in which the go-between to give some policy help.

Set up a new chain

Factor goes back to a few months ago, the National United States for participation in environmental protection, foster


Consideration of the image, resulting in the idea of participation in recycling waste household appliances, and plans to East China region for the pilot. East China area general manager Huang Xiuhong at the meeting place forward the scheme, and instructed the Ministry of strategic cooperation


Matter. Stakeholders in the on-line access to details, “the earth environmental protection,” the name jumped out.

Earth Environmental Co., Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou in late 1998. In 1994 the two governments signed the Sino-German cooperation agreements on environmental protection, and then decided to set up a provincial example of hazardous waste management system. Might 1997 State Environmental Protection Administration and the German Ministry of the Environment signed a friendship and cooperation agreement, confirmed that the implementation in Zhejiang, 1 of the demonstration comprehensive utilization of solid waste, decontamination and disposal project very first began in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. as a commitment to the earth project building unit set up in the subsequent year.

With this background, the earth became waste electrical processing atmosphere, “the pilot in the pilot” would be logical. September 23, 2004, commissioned by the Zhejiang Financial and Trade Commission, Hangzhou under the earth environmental protection Co., Ltd. to establish a “waste appliance recycling center in Zhejiang Province”, and to decide the province, Hangzhou Earth Environmental Ltd Waste electrical and electronic goods recycling program pilot enterprise.

In addition, Zhejiang Province, has introduced numerous policies, so the country the United States decided to start attempting to Zhejiang. Soon, Dengming Qi, Zhejiang Economic and Trade Commission with the Resource Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department created contact and drove to Hangzhou to check out men and women. Accountable for recycling waste electrical items Yang Yiming has shown wonderful enthusiasm, and tells of the earth atmosphere. Just a few days later, the earth and the National Environmental Protection sent to Shanghai to the United States to talk about the matter, determine the initial cooperation. A couple of days later, Deng Mingqi went to Hangzhou to go to the earth green plants, and consultations on specific issues, at some point reached a cooperation agreement.

In particular operations, the state mentioned the United States, initial in Shanghai, Zhejiang region retailers operate all major market place problem, and gradually to 2, three advertising, in the retailers to give recycling services to those who cross the old spend a depreciation fee, and then concentrate on waste electrical appliance, on a standard basis to deal with environmental company in Hangzhou earth.

Course, if the depreciation expense borne entirely by the country the United States, but also document no small cost. Consequently, the Dengming Qi stated the country is also actively linked with the U.S. house appliance manufacturer, producers hope to provide some financial assistance. At this point, just the voice of the higher legislation, “the manufacturer is responsible for recycling,” the principles.

GOME about the expense of this project, Deng Mingqi did not disclose certain figures, but said there will be some capital investment, but not as well significantly, unlike some reports written in the “spent a lot.”

Public awareness about waste recycling

States United States environmental protection cooperation with the land negotiations between half a month from start off to finish in a brief period only. Dengming Qi stated, was so successful, mostly due to the fact the country just this notion of beauty can solve even the earth environmental protection in Zhejiang Province in the pilot encountered a significant dilemma is critical excess capacity to deal with the difficulty enough to eat plants.