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tags 2010 2 six, predicted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Study Center, and the telecommunications network and host for the 2010 Science Press, China’s financial forecasts published and seminars have been held in Beijing Siyuan Research Center, Chinese Academy of floor level forecast report Hall.

Wang Jue statement: Appliances Sector Appliance industry is also impacted because
Monetary Crisis and the industry’s personal interest rates of these variables, it began from early 2008 into the descending phase of the economy, but with the 2009 national policy to stimulate consumption, specifically

Appliances to the countryside , TM to To carry out these policies, China’s house appliance business, the economy started to rebound in 2009

Television , Refrigerator , Washing machine And other kinds of property appliances to accomplish steady growth in sales, bringing property appliances merchandise added

Sell Amounted to 69,257,000,000 yuan, even though sales of household appliances TM to break by means of 20 billion yuan now. First half of 2009, home appliance exports up sharply in April

Had been at their lowest, down 23.8% in the second half narrowed gradually decline, exports showed indicators of improvement.

Compiled from our home appliances 4, the business sentiment index term, coincident composite index, soon after bottoming out at the end of 2008, the year 2009 to sustain upward trend in December at 109.1 points coincident composite index, growth of .9%, indicating that appliance sector to re-enter the economy up phase, in December very first composite index continue to rise, reaching 112.two points, growth of .7%, but growth has slowed. Initial diffusion index in August 2008 from the bottom up by way of the 50% line to line side run at 50, confirms the composite index rising trend.

2009, China’s residence appliance sector, the first three quarters comprehensive index of police intelligence in a “cold” or “cooling off” state, the fourth quarter, entered a “green light” zone, into “typical” state. A single ex-factory price tag index in December by the “cooling” to “regular”, the export delivery value from the “too

Cold “to” cooling. “
Predictions of the appliance sector, as the international economy recovers, residence appliances such as Europe and the United States and other export markets progressively recovered, and the macroeconomic scenario in China in 2010 also continued to improve, even though the level of urbanization and the level of consumption steadily improved, Consequently, consumption of household appliances in 2010 nevertheless a lot more space. Holdings of rural household appliances presently lagging far behind urban places, while in 2010 the State to preserve a policy of property appliances to the countryside, but also substantially increased the countryside solution cost ceiling, but also increase the standard of item subsidies and approaches, additional release of rural consumer demand. TM to further

Promoted the update demand, which will properly market the transformation and upgrading of China’s property appliance business.

Economy from the point of view of the business, as initial synthetic index of 1st period of four-5 months, the 1st half of 2010 appliance business will maintain rapid development, whilst the second half of the economy could be down, down the price will depend on in steel, copper, aluminum and other raw material prices affect the demand for house appliances true estate sector trends and policy control elements.

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