Wago Manage System In Large


Background   Big-scale sewage therapy plant distance amongst each and every reactor, even though the engineers to hold abreast of all elements of motor operation and valve switching, processing of the targets before and soon after the sewage and other conditions in order to make corresponding adjustments in a timely manner. Now there is a massive-scale sewage treatment systems are all kinds of issues. Option only instrument in the vicinity of every single reactor show, so that staff can understand the present reactor data on numerous indicators, but the engineer to realize all aspects of the predicament takes some time, is not conducive to engineer in time to make adjustments. One more alternative is to use industrial Pc and PLC manage, so you can keep abreast of all elements of the parameters, time to make adjustments, but because each reactor handle room and the distance amongst the total, the information collected from the handle room to be consumed the price of relatively large quantity of analog bias that may possibly arise, and troubles with the rear access is not hassle-free. There are different responses on the component of a modular switches and analog acquisition, but component of each response variable to be collected the number of diverse varieties, module combination is not flexible adequate, and the module on the communication distance has specific requirements for each and every communication line in between the require to connect the module, if not element of the search module, resulting in the entire program is not stable adequate. A number of of the above applications there are some difficulties require to be some improvements.

Note: Computer is connected by way of the RS485 port and WAGO-I/O-System to accomplish-to-numerous handle.

The complete control system consists of WAGO-I/O-Program, Century Star configuration application, RS485 interface, the composition of industrial Pc.

WAGO-I/O-Program such as on-website bus adapter, programmable fieldbus controller, 750 series data input and output module, 750 series analog input and output modules, WAGO-I/O-PRO programming software program, WAGO -I/O-Check boot and diagnostic tool. The above configuration according to particular requirements to make the suitable adjustment.

According to remedy require to capture all elements of information and control the type and quantity of output, we have to identify each and every web site WAGO 750 series bus configuration, and then by bus to connect to the industrial Pc on the RS485 Interface. Century Star configuration computer software by means of MODBUS protocol and WAGO-I/O-Technique connected to the sewage therapy to attain the parameters of all aspects of the timely collection, and can realize the manage of a single to several. Century Star configuration software program using the parameters of the monitoring, alarm and control functions.

Field level: according to all aspects of treatment of specific want to use 750 series adapter or controller, communication interface RS232 or RS485, if the use of 750 series of programmable controllers (750-812/814/815/816) , you can manage the distribution of tasks to full.

Management level: the want for flexible control of the user

1. Select Computer, or touch screen as the Master, utilizing the built-in serial interface.

two. Choose PLC as a Master, such as Schneider … ..

3. Pick WAGOIPC as the Master, can be connected to show information, and can be connected by means of the Ethernet network of the upper management level.

four. Choose outdoors except 750-812/814/815/816 750 controller + RS232/RS485 interface module as Master.

Upper HMI software: Upper HMI computer software assistance MODBUSRTU required communication protocols, such as the Century Star, iFIX, Wanderware InTouch, energy handle, configuration Wang … … …

WAGO-I/O-Program the important item features:

1. Easy to install modular structure, little size, save space, plug and play WAGO spring cage technologies, wiring is simple and reliable, vibration resistant, maintenance-free.

2. Customers can use flexible arbitrary combinations of different functional modules collectively, and can alter according to need to have bus adapters and other functional modules, field bus to attain agreement for the future with ease.

3. Complete functions to adapt to a variety of field bus communication and serial port communication function module varieties, completely functional, contains a selection of voltage levels applied to the switch signal input / output module and analog input / output modules, relay modules, counter modules, energy modules, interface modules.

four. Style of every single module on the economy much less the quantity of channels, created for the economy to give the situations for fieldbus node.

five. Connect speedily and simply by bus, field bus adapter input / output program rapidly connected to the PLC or Pc.

6. Protection up to IP65 protection class box to meet the improvement of industrial field bus systems, such as the chemical sector, food industry and other systems of protection specifications, as well as metallurgy, chemical industrial and mining enterprises harsh environment of the scene, WAGO 750 Series gives protection with IP65 rating protective box.

WAGO bus handle system the flexibility to use PROFIBUS, DericeNet, CANopen, MODBUSEthernet, PROFINET and other applications.

Century Star configuration application primary characteristics:

1. Super graphics production functions: a gradual color fill, bitmap from the screen capture point, 3-dimensional pipe, and so on., can image to visually reflect the status of various equipment on internet site.

two. Device configuration attributes: Driver employing COM element technology to help the thousands of hardware devices at residence and abroad, and via Modem, RS232, RS485, RS422 MODBUS protocol primarily based communication with other computer software, “Century Star” might call the shots stop, can be employed as slave.

three. Advanced voice alarm technologies: to generate a precedent for configuration application, with out pre-recorded voice, you can let the pc for common Mandarin alarm, from the Chinese word limit.

four. The new configuration report function: the first time, in industrial manage application market the idea of configuration reports, configuration reports straightforward to use (equivalent to Excel), users can very easily get genuine-time reports and historical reports (such as class newspaper, daily, month-to-month, annual reports and so on.).

In addition, the potent virtual machine technology, new management configuration concepts, integrated monitoring and surveillance capabilities, historical information, far more than make up the strong functions are functions of the Century Star configuration software with the.


1. All elements of field data can be promptly transferred to the master handle space, through the century, who star configuration application