Volume 1 Issue 3

  1. Design and Verification of AXI OCP Bridge Supporting Out-of-Order Transactions for achieving Dead Lock Free Communication
    Author(s) Name: Shrikant, Roopa K. – Click Here to Download

  2. Secure Information Hiding Using Block Match Coding For VQ – Compress Images
    Author(s) Name: Nilam R. Bagul, Prof. R.S.Khule – Click Here to Download

  3. Analysis Of Green Marketing As Environment Protection Tool: A Study Of Consumer Of Dehradun
    Author(s) Name: Ms. Shalini Thapa, Ms. Shikha Verma – Click Here to Download

  4. Study And Assessment Of Psychosocial Risks In Steel Industry
    Author(s) Name: B.Divya Priyadarshini, Venkatakrishnakanth  – Click Here to Download

  5. Using Social Media To Gain Business Value
    Author(s) Name: Bijith Marakarkandy, Namrata Pawar, Shreya Mankame, Vighnesh Ramasubramanian – Click Here to Download

  6. Hotspot Detection And Fault Level Prediction On 6.6kv Distribution Board
    Author(s) Name: Sanjeev kumar T M, Prof. B. S. Sree Shailan, Jibymon C Jose – Click Here to Download

  7. An Efficient Text Clustering Approach using Affinity Propagation with weight modification
    Author(s) Name: Isha Sharma,  Prof. Mahak Motwani – Click Here to Download

  8. Automatic Sealing Machine For Metal Container
    Author(s) Name: Swarupa Kulkarni – Click Here to Download

  9. Predictive Model for Box-office Success of Movies Using Social media
    Author(s) Name: BijithMarakarkandy, Nikita Shah, Poonam Thite – Click Here to Download

  10. Dry sliding wear behavior of Cryogenic treated 20MnCr5 alloy steel
    Author(s) Name: Sandeep S Kadam, Prof. S. D. Ambekar – Click Here to Download


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