Volume 1 Issue 2

A critical study of Employee Empowerment Initiatives in selected organizations
Ms. Anushikha Sharma Click here to Read More.

Assessment of Nutritional status of School goint girls, Development & Impact of Nutritional Games on Enhancement of Knowledge Pertaining Nutrition with Reference to Bijnor (U.P.)
Ms. Roopal Mittal Click here to Read More.

A Study Of Fuzzy Metric Spaces And Intutionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces
Mr. Praveen Kumar Sharma Click here to Read More.

Investigation of lonotphmc perturbation due to Seismic activity using satellite and ground based observations
Mrs. Anjana Sonakia Click here to Read More.

Impact Of Globlization On Retail Marketing In India” [With Special Refrence Of Indore]
Mr. Sandeep Shukla Click here to Read More.

Identification of bioactive compounds of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical importance from horticultural plants
Mr. Dharmendra Saikia Click here to Read More.

Hand Gesture Recognition Based 3D CAPTCHA
Mr. Vaibhav Kanth, Mr. Vivek Dubey, Mr. Amit Kumar Click here to Read More.

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