Visual Shock Of Your Seattle Lx650 Declared China Is Red – Seattle Lx650-education Market

tags Red infiltrated each and every corner of China in 2009, whether to make the planet admire the parade, or China regularly in the ideal world stage debut, “Red China”?? The impression is that people are engraved in their hearts. It is also in this context, as the domestic Projector Top enterprises in Shenzhen Seattle Also red as the keynote, introduced the “China is Red” worry-free enterprise education Projector Series LX650 . At the same time, Seattle has brought LX650 exhibitors the fair, and she won the “eleventh Hi-Tech Fair IT Show innovation award. “

Seattle is a frequent visitor to the fair, Seattle show in each and every term to display the machines and corporate image are completely expressed the Seattle man “to the invention, application of high Technologies Market the projector business, “unremitting national mission. And, in 2009 with Chinese characteristics, Seattle has a new man will be brought to men and women brand new image, and declared a national brand actual rise to energy.

Ya Tude Nation Fair 2009 11 months, Hi-Tech Fair Organizing Committee of the Eleventh “IT Innovation Award Show” Awards Committee a lot more than 30 Specialist To “market organization innovation, pushing innovation brand” for the objective of the field of digital audio-visual merchandise from thousands of Shen Ping core technology, applications, style, energy saving Environmental protection Other aspects of the rigorous assessment needs candidates need to be of independent innovation products goods and core technologies with independent intellectual house rights and technology leadership, efficiency unique. Seattle in 2009 the new “Red China” Enterprise Education and worry-totally free projector series LX650 Shen Ping, gathered in the brand’s digital audio-visual goods, after layers of screening and Evaluation The finish with excellent designs and powerful attributes employed, was awarded the “eleventh Revolutionary Hi-Tech Fair Exhibition IT goods,” the title.

LX650 is Seattle in 2009 a new push for independent study and improvement of a business, Education In the field of “Red China” series of projectors. In addition to this the fair awarded the “Innovation Award” in addition, it is also adopted, such as ISO9001, CCC, and power conservation skilled qualification certification. Functionally, this machine up to 3500 lumens brightness, Seattle adopted a special “crystal color” image processing technology, through the gray scale and detail to enhance outcomes, greater enhancing its brightness, colour and contrast functionality force, cinematic visual effects will be brought to our consideration. Exclusive “thermal King” technology to enhance the projector’s cooling effect of 50%, there are dual dust filter for dust-free holes in, the education and company customers in the correct-hand man. In addition, LX650 unique ClosedCaption function successfully support the hearing impaired exception log management, failure to timely diagnosis scroll of menu reflects the aesthetics of Chinese concepts, these are the LX650’s distinctive.

Seattle LX650 Look, fashionable white body into red button design in China, displaying classic Chinese style, a symbol of national strength of the new industry the rise of Seattle to create a symbol of determination and strength of national brands. Seattle inherited the item has often been superb projector image quality, set of character functions and the several advantages of basic operation as a entire, to accomplish the perfect upgrade humanized design and style. Superior image high quality, practical routine maintenance is the organization folks and educational institutions close aides, sound and colour is superb Video Function is to create content loved ones the very best choice.

In addition, users are most concerned about education, or the projector’s lamp life. Seattle highlighted by a new NSH bulb, tested, not only tough, but light is constantly kept in great condition at the very same time, greater brightness, specially when utilizing lengthy-variety large image, the picture clearer. In Safety Hidden, the far better light bulb explosion-proof network design, stop flying debris damage when the light bulb fragmentation students.

To embody the “China projector professionals” for the protection of the quality of the projector, Seattle has launched a “worry-free service” following-sales service of new tips. In full “worry-free service”, the 3-year machine warranty, one year lamp warranty, two months shifting, rapidly service, cost-free of charge to dust, warranty zero upkeep, the national service network to help and so enable Zhong Aiya map Brand individuals really feel a commanding presence. Innovation has always been

Seattle as China and the world leader in the projector industry, a essential element. Diligence in China projection industry, tempered decades of Seattle, and constantly working on new technologies development, and created dozens of major the planet out of the item. Devote themselves to technologies and innovation, creating a sturdy scientific and technological strength of Seattle’s outstanding top quality and professionalism of the industry’s established reputation, to Seattle to grasp the industry’s right to speak to the men and women to prove their technical value, but also declared to the planet of ” China is red! “